Spring 2019: First Impressions

Hi hi, finally back to write my first impressions!

Was intending to write this one yesterday but was on a roadtrip and I immediately collapse once I see my bed.

I managed to rebrowse the list and picked a couple of shows more. This expanded my list quite a bit. But even with picking up a bit more shows, there are certain days when I have no shows to watch.

But anyhow, let’s get this post started.

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

This show is a pretty big mess, but it’s still pretty nice. The character design is pretty nice, the cast list looked prety promising too.

I guess this will be my circus show for this season. I got this feeing that this is also going to be a harem.

Fairy Gone

So. a P.A.Works original eh, I put my expectations low on this one and the first ep looked pretty decent.

They have totally abandoned their old art style with this new look, I should say that it looks pretty damn fitting. If they were to stick to their old style, things will look rather grim.

The amount of keyframes they pulled off is so unlike them too. I wouldn’t say they are lazy in making keyframes, but they have made a lot of shows they tend to look rather jerky due to their rather low framerate. But this time they utilize every frame they can do and I like it.

I wish they could keep this up.

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

This will be my seasonal relatable show.

I can totally put myself in Hitori’s shoes in this one. I cannot drop this show, it’s too great to drop. Can’t wait for more relatable moments. Character designs are great, voice cast are great. I need more name puns.

Isekai Quartet

This is probably the most perfect combination we will ever get, Kadokawa’s isekai works combined into one.

Nothing to really comment here, all the original cast returns for this isekai circus. Not dropping to see how this circus will pan out.


This show is weird. There is no dialogues, the whole show is presented visually, which really makes me wonder why did they even bother hiring seiyuus.

Not dropping as it does look rather entertaining for the most part.

Kenja no Mago

Another isekai, but the first episode made me feel rather confused.

The story looks rather generic, giving me a feel that I shouldn’t expect a lot from this show.

I will wait and see, if in 3 episodes I see hope in this story plot, I will watch it till the end.

Konoyo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO

This show is going to last for 2 cours, which is why I think that the show pacing is a rather slow.

I’m going to play the patience card on this one. I hyped this show for the longest time so I’m going to have some confidence.

Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

Another show about studying. Waki Azumi is perfect for Ao.

2 episodes in and I’m equally disappointed and happy.

Disappointed for the show to last only 12 mins (which means there is only 10 mins of actual content, excluding the OP and ED), but happy at how the story is turning out in just 2 episodes.

Needs more lewd.

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?

My new guilty pleasure show this season.

I’m so stoked because Goto Yuko is finally back!!! Her voice is totally beneficial for my therapy.

Can’t wait for more, forbidden romance is best romance.

One Punch Man 2

This is going to be a rant for all the idiots out there who were critical of the show.Shoumetsu Toshi

We have to give J.C.Staff all the credit we can ever give for having the balls to pick up a show where Madhouse has already set a standard.


J.C.Staff was NEVER EVER known for making good looking shows, their best looking show for me after so long is either Souma or Shakugan no Shana, and both are average looking shows during their respective eras.

I personally think that they have overthought too much on the concept that the amount of depth in the character designs was a little too much, and they are getting very paranoid. Keyframes was also their weakness throughout J.C.Staff’s portfolio and I was blown away by the amount of keyframes they invested. Like who would even bother to do such amount of keyframes? Not many studios out there can pull this off.

They initially announced this show to air next year, but they pushed it AN ENTIRE YEAR forward just to satisfy you little idiots out there. I did complain about the 2020 release date, but I can wait, like who wouldn’t want a polished work. But regarding that 2020 PR announcement, I rather have them to announce later than announcing it so early just to build the hype.

But my verdict? It’s great, I have nothing to complain about visually and as for the story, I will have to wait and see.

The thing is, people who complained about this show are either casual watchers, people who only started anime like 2-3 years back or people who only watches OPM or Boku no Hero because they are “relevant”.

I have watched for over 15 years of anime and I don’t act like I know how the production goes, what right do YOU have when you only watch less than 10 days worth of anime?

It’s better for you to stop watching anime from here and out. Disgraceful.

Shoumetsu Toshi

I played this mobile game, so I picked this up.

The story vibe feels different from the game. I’m guessing they are going down a different route here.

Not going to judge this one anytime soon, going to take my time and indulge.

At least they got the voice cast from the game.

Strike Witches 501 Butai Hasshin Shimasu!

I guess this show is pretty much building up hype for Road to Berlin next year.

Decent comedy going on, I will enjoy this show for what it is. The original cast returns which is pretty damn amazing.

That’s all for me. Fruits Basket will happen when I have time to watch the original, same goes to Fafner.

I’m still putting my expectations on the lower side this season. So many high expectation sequels, but the new shows are a mixed bag. The chances of me dropping shows are still on the lower side of the spectrum, but things can change.

Next impressions next week. Heaven’s Feel II review tomorrow. I will see you guys then!

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