1 Month With The PS4 Pro…

Hi guys. So I’m back with a messy desk!

Jokes aside, its been a month since I had my PS4 Pro. So do I like it? or hate it?

And yeah, I bought a skin for it. Looks amazing right?

This post can get rather nerdy and technical, so please do understand.

I Like…

The horsepower from this thing is great! The biggest reason I bought this over the standard PS4 is because how powerful it is compared to my PC. My PC has barely enough horsepower to compete against the standard in terms of the numbers.\

Power consumption is pretty decent. It barely uses more power than my PC, but with 4x more horsepower. So no bill shock. And also with the amount of horsepower, this console is actually pretty small.

Despite the horsepower, you can barely hear the fan spinning. It’s nice and quiet.

The games catelog is massive, that will take awhile for me to clear. Audio quality on this console is also pretty darn solid.

I Hate…

The amount of heat coming from this box really worries me. Like browsing Youtube is enough to heat up to a considerable amount.

The graphics boost on certain games compared to the standard PS4 looks rather minimal. Xbox One X graphics sometimes do looks better.

No Freesync support, the stock media player runs pretty bad, no standard audio jack on the console, instead on the controller. Wifi speed is questionably slow and unstable. Region locking is still a thing.

The stock HDD inside the PS4 is pretty slow, I’m probably going to change it to an SSD sometime in the future.

To be honest, you really can’t nitpick around here, this thing has been performing amazing for the past month and I have been abusing it with graphically intensive games, like Final Fantasy XV.

Sometimes I do wish this thing has the horsepower from the Xbox One X, but what can I do?

Otherwise it’s an all around great console that performs significantly better than my PC, so I’m going to use it until I move house, then I will slowly build a better PC.

If you guys ask me whether to get this over the normal PS4, I would say it’s entirely up to you. I wanted something powerful enough to supercede my PC for the time being, and yeap it did a great job.

If you have the budget to buy this, sure why not. Buy this console doesn’t mean you have to get a 4K TV, playing it on 1080p has it’s benefits too, like better graphics fidelity and probably more stable frame rate.

But if you don’t really have the budget, the standard PS4 is pretty powerful enough.

So that’s all for me today, I do stream on Twitch using THAT PS4, so click here to follow me there! I’m currently playing Yakuza Kiwami 2, Ni no Kuni 2 and also Final Fantasy XV. I do stream PC on certain days.

I will see you guys soon with more nerdy posts!

4 responses to “1 Month With The PS4 Pro…

  1. Yeah, I was really surprised at how hot and loud it is. I know it has more power, but I wasn’t expected a big difference from the regular PS4. I also always get an error message about not being connected to the internet upon startup even though it is. Otherwise, I still like the PS family over the others, if only because of the controllers.

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