My Good Start Of The Year Ended… (Winter 2019 Wrap Up)

Everything has to end and I’m sad.

This season is giving me some post-animu depression. This is the first season when all of my anime started at the same week, ended around the 1 week window. And the shows are great of course.

Time to move on.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2

Its a great season overall. But it had a pretty horrible buildup for like most of the season. The 2nd half did try to salvage things but the buildup overall was so bad for the ending.

This show ended on such a perfect note that I really have nothing to complain about anymore. It’s great that they adapted the entire source material to the end. The material compression isn’t very obvious, so it’s a well paced series from start to finish.

Will always be my favourite relatable show.

5-Toubun no Hanayome

This one is probably my AOTS. Miku is too relatable and too perfect.

The show was great for the most part, but the vague ending is just ugh. The bait is obviously for the sake of the manga, but with how the show is actually doing, they don’t need to do that at all. It just turns me off. I rather watch an open ending.

The voice cast for the 5 girls are so well-blended but sometimes I feel Nino (Taketatsu Ayana) tend to feel out of place. I guess her overly strong voice didn’t really fit with the rest of the cast and their more smoother and gentle voice.

But I still love this show for the characters. The romance isn’t really emphasized a lot here, but the interactions between characters are just great.

Date A Live III

The story was pretty slow this season, despite the extra 2 episodes compared to the previous season.

Animation quality is the key discussing point for this show, and I got to say, it’s all right.

1st half looks pretty mediocre, but slightly better than S2. 2nd half they managed to boost their quality quite significantly that it can keep up with S1. It may be because I got used to the animations over time, but I felt that it was trying to play catch up all season.

I still enjoyed the show for what it is.

Domestic na Kanojo


I enjoyed it for the most part, but certain plot decisions made it kind of frustrating to watch.

The ending was weird, which just alienates my experience even further. Overall, didn’t really enjoy the show, the 5min weird sex scene for ep1 didn’t really made things any better.


We need more of such shows, for real. Too much realism these days.

The story is pretty much fairy tales with a nice comedic twist. This show comes on a Sunday so that helped me to destress a lot for the week.

The voice cast had such great chemistry that their dialogues felt smooth.

I love it. Someone make an Endro 2 please, I need it

This show had some awkward character design inconsistencies. Satelight isn’t working too well here.

Storywise is pretty okay. I’m just disappointed that they sidelined Minghwa sooooooo much that she pretty much looked like a cameo.

Ending was pretty decent, the buildup is so minimal for the climax so the climax felt like nothing.

Didn’t hate or love the show, just thought that it could have done a lot more better.

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

LOVE IS WAR LOVE IS WAR LOVE IS WAR. This show is such a waste for not having a season 2.

The chemistry of the cast is key here and they matched so well. Storyline is great, pacing is wonderful. The distracting narration did tone down a lot more on the 2nd half, which means that A-1 is listening.

I will miss this show for what it is. I want more…

Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka

Modern era Madoka? Maybe.

I wasn’t expecting them to be going this deep with the gore and torture, especially with the current era where everything is soooo toned down.

I really love this show with how they are so ballsy with their plot decisions and pushing censorship to the limits.

Cast looks pretty great. Animations looks amazing.

Great show for all sadists out there.

Pastel Memories

This show was actually pretty decent for the 1st half, showing a lot of promise. But slowly the plot energy became stale and yeah, not entirely enjoyable.

I played the game myself and it’s actually a pretty nice game. Just that anime disappoints…

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou

This type of comedy would be my thing a few years back, but now… it really reminds me of D-Frag. Too much shouting, too many tryhard comedy gags, it’s actually hard to watch now.

Not an enjoyable show for me, but a lot of other people liked it, so I’m not the guy who would recommend this.

Virtual-san wa Miteiru

I thought this show would flop, but surprisingly, it didn’t. It turned up better than I thought.

The first few eps looked pretty promising, but I fear that repetitive gags will turn the show stale. Just when I was about to feel bored, they changed up most of the gags, securing its longetivity.

A great show, but do I wanna see a 2nd season? No not really. This show is not just to promote Vtubers, but to also advertise Unity. Unity is a game engine that powered this show, so essentially, it’s like a tech demo.

But if they do make an S2, I would still watch it, if they can keep the formula.

Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!

I have constant fear of the FBI on this one.

The show was great, but it felt like the ending is a little… stale? They could have ended on a slightly better note, it’s such an open ending that I thought there is another episode coming.

This show is another stress reliever. I would be stoked if this get an S2.

Mya-nee is going to be my tagline for the time being.

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

I was initially disappointed with the ending, but they announced S2 for this and all the disappointment went away.

The show had a very bad start up, it was slow, it was dreary. But I didn’t drop it and it paid off. The story arc transitions is pretty fast, but fluid. Pacing on the show was slow initally, but then it picked up speed 1/4 into the show, a lot of speed.

I feel like they are rushing and that’s kind of unnecessary for a show that lasts for 2 cours. But still, loved this show, totally hyped for S2.

Toaru Majutsu no Index III

This show was great… for the most part.

Arc transition was actually pretty bad, pacing was thrown off totally once a new arc starts. Story also kinda get really messy like how Tokyo Ghoul and that ending is signalling a potential “final” season? Well it ended at WW3 which was like the last few volumes of the LN.

I enjoyed the show for about 3/4 until they kind of botched WW3 entirely. Way too messy, way too rushed. But if there is an S4. sure, I will watch it.

So that’s it. It was a great season overall, with some minor flaws that I can just overlook. Shield Hero is moving into the next season. Circlet Princess wrap up will come at a later date since subs are taking quite awhile to come.

Great start for the year, sad that it ended. This would be one of my best seasons in the past 4 years.

Next post will be back to regular reviews and stuff. Not sure when I’m going to post it but I will see…

And also Heaven’s Feel 2 this week so stay tuned to that

I will see you guys in a few days!

2 responses to “My Good Start Of The Year Ended… (Winter 2019 Wrap Up)

  1. where was shield hero :b?
    3D kanojo did have a perfect ending
    I was crying so much for the last episodes of it.
    will also miss gotoubun 💜 would have liked to see more of it but oh well this was as far as the anime went

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just completed The Quintessential Quintuplets this morning and have to agree with you on the ending. That was a bit of letdown. But, on a brighter note, this was actually the first Harem show that I have seen, and I quite enjoyed it. It got recommended to me by Ayano, and I’m glad she did 😊 The character interactions were definitely the highlight for me as well 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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