Jon’s Creator Showcase: March 2019

Well, it is April now, so it’s time for me to read and review all the posts on my pinned tweet!

The response on the tweet is just amazing, the turnout is just a whole new level for me, so this took me quite awhile to write. Especially when the season is ending and my backlog piles up like nobody’s business.

Okay, without further ado, let’s get this post done!


28 Day Shoujo Challenge by Keiko

I personally LOVES Shoujo despite being a guy, so naturally I love the posts she wrote for her challenge. Why 28 days? Because it’s for the month of February. Rather ingenious.

A little sellout, I also did the challenge, so if you wanna read them, click here!

Mirai no Mirai: Full Review and Recommendation by Infinite Zenith

I watched the movie and I felt rather perplexed walking out of the cinema. But this review did help solve certains problems I had. Maybe because I wasn’t really patient with the movie, so I didn’t understand the movie fully. Highly recommend this.

Quintessential Quintuplets: Breaking Down The Contestants by Derek Lyons

I love this show. Not because you have 5 potential waifus to choose from, but you have a waifu that you can FULLY relate to, and that’s Miku. This post is basically an analytical post on each of the 5 girls, but it’s a great analysis. I get to understand each girl more, so my waifu rankings is more equalized now, otherwise it would be a landslide victory for Miku.

Not gonna lie, I am so tempted to crossdress as Miku. Someone please give me a reason to do so.

Top 5 Best Anime Series (In Our Opinion) by The Nerdy Girl News

Well, top 5 can be rather subjective to the reviewer, but I liked the choices they picked were pretty legit. There are also shows I haven’t watch yet so I should watch them.

Scum’s Wish Collection by MIB

I love the sadistic nature of the show, and sometimes triggering my NTR side. This is a nice review of the show that became my guilty pleasure.

Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc (Spoiler Review) by Matt

I should get around to watching this show again, the spoiler review is trying to make me sit down, spend a month and marathon it.

Fantastic Female Friday: Masami Iwasawa by Alexie The Great

Gotta agree, she was one of the most powerful female characters in the show, beside Yuri. I can relate to Masami because during the depressive times, music was my only escape before I started buying my PS4 and figurines.

Review of The Promised Neverland Episode 8: An Unlikely Cheerleader and it All Came Tumbling Down by Crow’s Anime World

I rarely read episodic reviews because I find it overly analytic and sometimes spoilers. But this one felt comfy to read, lowkey wanna watch the show too. Some spoilers are good spoilers, like a form of bait.

Sunday Funday: The Zodiac Signs as Anime Characters Featuring The Aniwriter! by KawaiiPaperPandas

This is a rather creative twist. But it is rather accurate. I am Hikigaya (as Virgo), Iida (as Pig). I relate to both of them! AHHHH MY LIFE IS THAT BAD?!

The Rising Of The Shield Hero First Impressions With Karandi by Arthifis

I am in love with this show. The relatable elements just reached a whole new level with this show. This post shows a great insight of what the show really is and what to expect.

Behind Every Great Anime Protagonist Is A Great Supporting Cast by Karandi

Great post to give some of the real MVPs a little bit of the spotlight. There are lot of supporting characters that “carried” the main protagonist and I kind of agree to that. Side characters deserve more exposure too.

Getting Involved with the Blogging Community

OWLS February “Adore” Post: For the Love of Adventure by The Weeb Commie

I know its a Feb (even tho posted in March) post, but it looks great, so why not just include it anyway!

Loving and Connecting with Your Monster Pet (OWLS Adore Blog Tour) by Rai

Oh I would love to get a monster pet, as long as they are this cute. Heartwarming post. Totally would pick up a monster pet in my local pet store.

OWLS: Is It Really That Difficult To Find Someone To Adore? – Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku by Lynlyn

Well, I can relate to the title, but actually kind of relate to the entire post. I feel like I have been rather blind for the past 10 years. Good post for people who are lost in terms of their romance life.


The Manga That Got Me Into Shoujo: Kare First Love by Lita

RELATABLE. Cardcaptor Sakura got me into shoujo, Lita has her own pick for that. I actually read a few chapters and I think I should really find time to sit down and read.


What Is Post Anime Depression and Why You Should Embrace It by Anime Athena

Probably the most faced problem for all anime watchers. I kind of embraced it already, but this post is a good tip for people who cannot get over the fact that their anime has ended with zero chance of having a sequel.

Confessions of Lonely Nerd by Nerdy Rambles

Well, same. Spent my Valentine’s Day working my ass off, spent the rest of my night watching anime and playing video games. The whole post is 100% relatable in so many levels I actually wanna cry. No kidding. Great ramble, highly recommend, much relate.

So that’s it for me for the month. Whew, great effort used to read all the posts and also writing this post. It’s a wonderful experience so I decided to host another one in November. No promises though, if my time allows me to do it.

So next month is Crimson’s turn, so be prepared for another wild month.

As for me, with the JCS and Shoujo Challenge finally aside, next posts will be seasonal wrapup and seasonal PTWs over the weekends. After that, backlog clearing mode all the way till I don’t know when.

Get ready for me being extremely consistent for the first time in a long time. See you all on Saturday then.

7 responses to “Jon’s Creator Showcase: March 2019

  1. Hi! I wrote the Quints post for Derek’s blog, so I just wanted to say thanks for the shout-out and I’m glad you liked it! I really enjoyed that series, which made it a lot of fun to write about.

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  2. Thank you so much for hosting! I’m also super excited to hear that you enjoyed this enough to take it up again come November. Lots of excellent posts here. Hope everybody has fun reading! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I could’ve sworn I’d put something in for this, but looking at the tweet, I think I must have not hit the reply button. D’oh! Really good selection this month though. It’s no wonder it took a while to read. I think it’s gonna take me a day or two to get through them all too.

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