28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 28 (The Final Day)

Hi hi! I managed to do it. Everything must come to an end.

If you missed the previous 27 days, click here to read them! Today is a good day to start marathoning them. It wouldn’t take long, I pwomise.

So today we talking about OST, I will be picking only one this time.

Favourite Shoujo OST: Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

No surprises here. I love the ED, I love the Insert songs, everything!

Just sit down and listen to the tunes. It will only take an hour.

So that wraps up the 28 Day Shoujo Challenge. Finally, I did it! Time really flies when you do challenges like these.

I want to thank Keiko for creating such a wonderful challenge. She is open to anyone giving this one a try by the way, so just do the challenge as you wish!

I will be taking a small hiatus, because if you don’t remember, I am hosting this month’s Jon Creator Showcase. If you need more info on that, click here!

The amount of entries is overwhelmingly positive and I will have to find time over the weekend to finish up.

So no blog posts from me for about a week? But once I’m back, I will probably never stop.

So I will see you guys soon!

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