29 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 26

Hi hi, another day another post!

If you missed any of my previous posts, click here!

Today is favourite OPs, I cannot just pick one so I will pick 5. As usual from my usual top whatever posts, no ranking whatsoever.

Cardcaptor Sakura OP1: Catch You Catch Me – Gumi

You can just admit, this one is a pretty damn classic. This will always have a place in my heart.

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card OP1: Clear – Sakamoto Maaya

Another great OP. But I’m only love OP1. The music, Maaya’s vocals just hits the spot for me.

Actually Idm if Clear Card used Catch You Catch Me as OP and then use the same animation sequence, but with modern techniques.

Ao Haru Ride: Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru – CHiCO with HoneyWorks.

Another great song when it first played.

Shounen Maid: Innocent Promise – Trustrick

Trustrick at their peak. They are just a wonderful duo. Such a pity that they disbanded. Their songs can be so Myth & Roid, but their own style

Ore Monogatari: Answer – Trustrick

Have to pick another Trustrick. This is another great cheerful song from them.

These are my 5 picks, I still loop them in my playlist from time-to-time. I hope you like my picks.

I don’t know when I will write my next post, but EDs is going to be harder to pick since I rarely listen to them. But if I listen to EDs, they are definitely amazing, so I need to backtrack.

See how things goes, and I will update you guys when I will write my next post.

Oh yeah and also, my Twitter has hit 900 followers! FINALLYYYY. I tweet a lot of stuff there. From gaming to anime stuff, and also update on my blogging status too. Do follow me there!

So I will see how things goes for me and I will see you guys when i see you.

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