28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 24

Hi hi. Looks like I am able to write a post tonight.

If you missed any of my previous posts, click here to read them!

So today we talk about something extremely underrated. I think I wrote about this show a lot of times throughout the challenge.

A Shoujo That Deserves More Recognition: Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii

Okay okay, I did nag about this a lot. BUT WATCH THIS SHOW GODDAMMIT.

I know the kid can be kind of a throw off, but sometimes he can behave like someone way beyond his age. Romance is a key for this show.

Character developments were pretty on point and the original ending really hits the spot, the icing on the cake.

I really love this show and I wish you guys will feel the same too.

That’s it for today, Day 25 will be a rather interesting one. How I got into Shoujo, it’s going to be a long post.

It will be done on Saturday so I will see you guys then!

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