28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 22

Hi hi. Back for another post today.

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So today will be a bit more pleasant. Picking someone to kiss, date, marry. I spent the whole night thinking about it and I decided to only pick one, for the sake of loyalty. Even though I am not known for that, but why not.

Name Who I Would Kiss, Date, Marry: Yona

She would be the best pick for me. I don’t mind her spoiled side, but her grown up side has also got me too.

She would probably be the best choice as I need someone to help me do certain decision making, as I can sometimes be rather indecisive or just unable to make a decision at all.

Her red hair also gets me. It’s too precious. Must use more conditioner…

I’m pretty sure she will bring out the best in me. She’s too good to miss.

Actually shoujo waifus are harder to pick as they tend to be in a relationship or either getting married. But isn’t that the case for most shoujo mangas… Romance is the main driving force of their story so they kind of have to do it.

Day 23 will be another good day. Switching places is something I always dreamt of since the beginning of my shoujo media history.

I will try to write it tomorrow so see you guys then!

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