4th Blogversary + 800 Posts Special: Looking Back To How All Of This Started.

Oh wait, Christmas is over… But who cares, everyday can be Christmas if you believe.

So yeah, this blog has just hit its 4th year officially. And yeap, I wrote 800 posts (820+ currently) singlehandedly. Okay, I lied, I type with 2 hands.

I did mentioned of leaving the blog scene last year, but I chose to keep this around for a year more. I will see how my life goes from this point and if it is still viable to continue blogging.

So what are we going to talk about today? Nothing special, but to look back on what I did during my 4 years of blogging, and how my life changed after started blogging.

How Did The Blogging Thing Start?

Not gonna lie, it came out from my brain randomly.

It was March 2015, and I am still serving the military. It was only like my 6th month of my service, out of my 2 years. I’m also doing my EMT training back then.

It was a Wednesday, when I realized that when I go home for the weekends, I have been watching anime and going back to the army during the weekdays. Eventually, things start to become mundane and I wanted a twist in life.

So I pondered the entire afternoon after lunch, about what to do… Preferably anime-related. Then, light bulb, create a blog!

My first idea was just to go to WP and made an account, then I took my entire Saturday to familiarize the layout, how to blog and decorate the blog. It took me a solid 8hours. I was able to wake up early back then, so I literally woke up at 8 and hop onto my PC and literally sat there. I did go for lunch and dinner for those who are wondering, so it’s not really 8 hours non-stop.

After I started my first post, my first view came literally under 10 mins later and I felt a satisfaction I never ever felt before.

Blogging also made me go back to Twitter as my mainstream SNS. I made an account way back and didn’t know how to use it, so I dropped it.

First thing I do is to socialise with fellow anibloggers. Back then there wasn’t a lot, and the first site I saw was Anime Corps. Then I also slowly got to know Nick and his gang. They were literally the first people I met.

Then it was Lita, Lynlyn, Crimson, Rose etc etc. My social circle grew to the point that I never felt that I could make so many friends online. I slowly invested more time online over anything else. I remember that I literally dropped video games just to blog, because I love it, a passion that never came alive before just lit up.

Then my first few followers started to pop and the blog just never stopped growing ever since.

I am still humbled from all of that and I want to thank everyone I know for the support despite the lack of support of my activites online irl. I wouldn’t have lasted this long without you all.

How Did Blogging Changed For Perspective in Life?

It’s a pretty drastic change to be honest. My mind expanded in a lot of ways.

Slowly I found my English speaking skills improved, my English writing of course improved.

It’s not that my English was bad to begin with, but I slowly expanded my vocab and managed to fix some common grammatical errors I always pull off.

My accent also changed to the point that locals thought that I’m not local anymore. I was pretty surprised. That’s when I learned to do different English accents, to cater certain situations.

I remember back during my vacation in Hong Kong, there was a Scottish man having troubles operating the lift. It was really complicated as you need your room card to activate the lift.

So he was obviously speaking a Scottish accent, all of my friends all couldn’t understand what he was saying, except me. So I explained to him with an English accent, as he was having difficulties understanding my local accent.

Case and point, having friends online really changed my perspective of looking at the world.

And I’m digressing again, back to the blogging part.

I never knew sharing opinions was fun. I never knew that sharing interests is fun.

I actually felt happier because army was stressful, tiring and incredibly time consuming. I managed to utilize my day offs fully with blogging.

Why Did You Actually Felt Like Leaving The Blogging Sphere?

It’s a buildup to a lot of reasons. Reasons that I don’t want to think back about.

It was only Q1 of 2018 and life has never stop becoming more and more depressive.

People blocked me, quite a lot of people starting to leave me. Real life has been a struggle in terms of juggling work and studies. And I literally have no outlet to all of that.

I can never trust my parents to talk to about my personal stuff as they will never understand how it’s like to go through this. All I get will be a constant nag for over 2 hours about life stories and stuff. All I want is people to listen, without giving advice. I just want a listening ear.

So the novel writing were my depressive energy converted into words. But as time progresses, it start to lose its effectiveness. So I decided to put all of my efforts on Twitch streaming and work. Hopefully that will distract me from all the negativity.

Constant sleepless nights, and that leads to me being more cranky every day. And also once in a while, random depressive episodes comes in.

But yeah, I’m trying to manage my life one step at a time, hopefully to get out of this recession.

But also drops in blog views also leads to me to thinking that my time is up.

What can I say? I guess I am not really an interesting person after all.

Then What Made You To Extend For Another Year?

I want blogging and anime watching to be part of my healing process.

Without putting view counts into account anymore, I can just write for the sake of writing. Hopefully to find that flame back again.

I really hope 2019 will change. Be it socially, spiritually or psychologically. I really just want a peaceful year.

No events, no drastic changes, just hopefully things going back to status quo.

What Are The Things You Want To Change If You Can Turn Back Time?

A lot of things really. In fact, too many to list.

Like for example, not meeting certain people, in real life and online. Also probably change my personality in some way shape or form. I wish to be less emotion-driven, less obvious with my feelings.

But one thing for sure is, I will still pick up blogging. But probably with a different approach.

Looking back on how I write then and now, really tells a different story. I wish to be more expressive with my words, as I played very conservatively during my first 6 months.

It’s not like I can express myself better, but at least right now it’s isn’t as bad as my first 6 months.

So What Are Your Plans For The Future?

So far… Nothing in mind…

See what life will take me. I have no major changes I want to make for myself.

Take as many vacations as I can, enjoy my vacations as much as I can. Living life to the fullest. Living life as if tomorrow is going to be the end of the world.

Romance wise, I think I will just put that aside, probably forever. Life is too short for me to waste time on love. I’m actually doubt that I could even get myself romantically involved at this point.

I’m actually kind of excited about how life will eventually take me, whether is it bad or great. No one knows.

Blogging wise, as usual, I have no fixed schedule in typing. If I have time and I feel like writing, I will do it. But I will try to keep it consistent.

If I need a hiatus or break, I will tell you guys. Going MIA without informing anyone is something I hate to do.

That’s pretty much it for me. Sorry to make this blogversary a pretty dark one, but there are things I really wanted to write out in words.

As for the Shoujo Challenge, if you are wondering, will be out in a few more hours, so stay tuned for that.

I rarely write such personal posts on my blog because this is an anime-driven blog and I only write such things when I needed to.

Anime and gaming reviews will resume once I’m done with the Shoujo Challenge.

If you want to contact me or chat with me, just go to my Twitter. I also run a Twitch channel and I stream pretty frequently, so follow me there too.

If you have any questions, you can tweet me or comment below. I’m pretty active.

I will see you guys soon.

17 responses to “4th Blogversary + 800 Posts Special: Looking Back To How All Of This Started.

  1. Congrats on the milestone!! it’s kind of funny, i just finished reading someone else’s anniversary post and just, we’re all having our blog birthdays together. i can’t believe you still remember who some of the first bloggers you met were, thanks for mentioning me 🙂 it’s been too long for me, i can’t even remember when i started blogging (i had a blog before the anime one i have now)

    as for how dark this post got, it’s ok. you said you wanted someone to listen to you and we’re listening. sometimes just writing things out can help in the healing process so if you ever want to write more, i say go for it. and if you ever need to let something out and not get advice, my DMs are open. i’m bad at advise anyway rip. And i’m sure there are others you can reach out to as well!

    is it just me or are we otaku doomed in romance? i’m also giving up on it for the time being. i’m tired of people constantly reminding me that i should already have a partner and having kids like wow, i’m not even that old thank you very much LOL and you know, sometimes romance hits us when we’re not looking for it so i say just be yourself, focus on some self-care and things will pan out 🙂

    great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on being a blogger for so long! I know I’ve had many struggled with my last two to three years with it, but I’m still here. I can relate so much with you on the whole romance stuff. I’ve tried having relationships, just got out of a long one actually, but in the end I came to understand that it’s just not for me. I’ve so many other things I want to focus on and pursue. I hope you continue to blog, at your own pace, and I wish you success in whatever else you pursue.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh man it was around 2016, I came across your blog. Sure feels a lot longer though. I do understand about blog views dropping or being stagnant, at least you stuck with your blog thick and thin. Unlike a certain person cough me. Things do feel they are slowly getting better for you rayz. Keep walking forwards, and here’s to your 5th blog anniversary

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats and happy blogversery! I think I was around and started following you at about the same time you started. Or at least, it feels like we go way back. Regardless of whether you have plans or not, I do plan to keep following you around. Congrats again, and here’s to a wonderful 5th year to come.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations on the blog-anniversary.
    I know you have said you don’t have any real plans for the future blogging wise but I look forward to seeing future posts. Have a great 5th year and I hope you have fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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