28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 20

Hi hi! It is time for me finish this up… About a week to go now!

If you missed any of my previous days, click here!

So today it’s about annoying characters. And I have one…

Most Annoying Character: Kuronuma Sawako

Well, I have my reasons.

The constant wish-washy, indecisiveness just makes the show progress even slower, when it is already painful as it is.

She comes off sometimes overly defensive and she is the main culprit of just overly pushing down the tone of the story and slowing down developments.

I wish she could have been a little bit more decisive, it’s okay not to trust people easily. But god she’s sooooo annoying!!!

That’s my pick for that. People love her, but I really kinda don’t.

Tomorrow is going to be something special. I relate to a lot of characters in anime, and I am not going to simply choose one. I will make a pretty lengthy post tomorrow.

I will see you guys then!

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