28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 17

Hi, I’m sorry for not writing anything yesterday.

I was so tired after working yesterday and I just wanted to play God of War so I skipped writing and streamed GOW instead. If you don’t know, I do run a Twitch channel, follow the channel here!

And also if you missed any of my previous posts, click here!

So today we talk about villains. I rarely talk about antagonists because I either hate them or I just have nothing much to say about them. But looks like today I have to flex it out.

Best Shoujo Villain: Pierre Tempête de Neige

Well, he is probably the relatable type of villain to me.

A person with 2 hearts, a dark side and a positive side. You can say he’s bipolar but I guess it’s part of his personality.

I really like him because he showed extreme compassion and his romanticism is probably something I will look up to. He can be manipulative at times, but I will treat it as a defensive mechanism to others who just wanna take advantage of me.

He might be my role model.

That’s it for this post. Day 18 will be a rather hard one to pick since I really love the confession scenes for Shoujo romances. They all looked so dreamy.

I’m not sure if I can write it tomorrow. But if I can, I will post it out as soon as possible. If not, I will write it asap.

So I will see you guys soon!

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