28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 15

Hi! I’m back.

Sorry for the leave of absence, work was hell and things started getting a little busy even back at home, making me unable to even sit down for a couple of hours just to write stuff.

But now that I’m back. I can finally get this post out of the way, and hopefully get back into consistency.

So today we are talking about weirdest Shoujo I ever watched. I acfually watched this as a kid, and find it okay. But watching this show in 2019 kinds of throw me off.

Weirdest Shoujo I’ve Ever Watched: Princess Princess

Erm, yeap. It’s a blatant crossdressing show.

I didn’t know why I watched it as a kid. I have weird taste. DON’T JUDGE ME!

But yeah, if I were to comment on the plot, it’s kind of okay. It has decent plot and developments. It’s just that the premise and concept of the story can be kind of weird.

But I don’t think I can watch this in 2019, my taste in shows change over time and I think this is not my kind of thing anymore.

For females looking for a yaoi bait show, do check this out.

So that’s it for Day 15. Day 16 will be extremely enjoyable to write. I really love those type of shows.

Tomorrow seems possible for me, so I will see you guys then!

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