28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 14

Hi hi, back for the challenge after that productive yet hectic weekend.

If you missed any of my previous days, click here to read them!

Unique plot Shoujo, this one is rather hard… I’m going to pick the lowkey ones that most people doesn’t know.

Shoujo With A Unique Plot: Sugar Sugar Rune

This is a show that a lot of you don’t know, judging from the Day 8 post.

How is it unique? The approach is so similar to Cardcaptor, but it’s more barebones, a little bit more bittersweet.

The plot twist comes after a good 30-40eps of buildup, before having the final battle to end the plot.

This show felt like it had a pretty deep storyline, despite its rather childish nature. This show may be slow in the beginning and rather time consuming with the 4 cours package, but I wish more people give this show a try.

Unique music, great character design, but don’t expect any mindblowing visuals. Barebones to the core here, straight out of 2005.

So that’s it for me today. We are officially halfway done from completing this challenge.

Day 15 will be a pretty easy one. I will write it tomorrow.

Oh yeah, just a little reminder, I am hosting Jon’s Creator Showcase this month! So do read up and join in on the fun while you are at it!

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