March 2019 Jon’s Creator Showcase: Now Accepting Entries!

Kudos to Nesha for the JCS image.

*pats mic* Mic test 1,2. Is this thing on?

Yes, I’m in-charge this month. Surprise surprise, eh? It’s my first time, so please be gentle, senpais.

I was thinking of doing this one day, but life is just jampacked with stuff. It’s not like I’m free now or anything, I happened to see the March slot open back in January (?), so I decided to fill in.

So What’s This Showcase All About?

A detailed explaination can be found here.

But to put it simply, it’s a way to get your name out into the aniblogger community. Besides that, make friends and socialise. Gotta find those little people who hides in corners at parties. We always want more people to join!

Sounds like fun, right? If you wanna host any one of the last 3 months of 2019, click here and put your name in there!

What Do You Submit?

Almost anything you were proud of creating from February 2019! Just follow these rules:

  • 18+ stuff is okay (Straight up pornos won’t be in the Showcase). Please label it as NSFW if you do so, for the love of god. But I do love some fanservice going around.
  • No endorsement of illicit activity, hate speech, spam or other inappropriate activity. We only spread love ’round here.
  • Content should be comprehensible (Preferably in English, although other languages are OK).
  • Any topic is okay, not just anime or manga, and any format/type is okay, not just text posts or photos (so you could hypothetically submit fanfiction, video or a comic).
  • This content has to be yours and should be respectful to others. If you don’t know if it fits, submit it anyway and I’ll check it. Should it be a collab, you will need to negotiate with your collaborator/s and myself before the deadline (and have proof of your collaborator/s’s consent, just in case I need to get it past Jon as well).
  • And lastly, only Febuary 2019 content!

How To Join In The Fun?

  • Submit via commenting on this post, through Twitter DM (if you’re vewy vewy shy) to @illusionpurple or through the Twitter thread. (below)
  • Submissions start March 3rd and run until March 31st (all dates GMT +8). (I might possibly accept entries after the deadline, since timeline is weird and ugh. So I guess it ends on April Fool’s Day for me.)
  • If you are starting a submission on your own via Twitter: 1) Use #TheJCS, 2) Tag me (@illusionpurple) and 3) Tag at least 3 individuals to submit content (It’s fine if you didn’t create any content though, we chill around here).
  • By submitting art directly through one of these methods, you acknowledge that I have the ability to repost it. And of course, crediting you is a priority.
  • If you can’t wait to see what the final Showcase might look like, feel free to read content from other people as well. (I might be pretty late on this one, since entries been aplenty in recent months. BUT I WILL TRY TO DO IT ASAP, SENPAI!)

The Twitter Thread

So what are you waiting for? Get those fresh Feb 2019 content submissions done already!

If you need any help, just ask through the comments, tweet or ask Jon at @JS_Reviews.

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