28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 9

Herro, consistent poster here.

If you missed any of my previous days, click here to read them!

So today we talk about worst Shoujo anime, this is a hard one since I enjoyed all of my shoujo anime I watched. Looks like I will be picking the show that I enjoyed the least.

Worst Shoujo Anime: Akagami no Shirayukihime

Well, I didn’t really enjoy this one.

The development is slow, for a 2 cour series. You can say Kimi ni Todoke felt pretty much the same, but Kimi ni Todoke had some developments and decent amounts of character interaction.

I feel like I spent 2 cours watching this and pretty much got nothing in return.

I wish they could emphasize the romance a bit more, actually a lot more. It feels stagnant, and I think the side characters has more development than the main ones. It’s just weird.

I didn’t really like it, but I do enjoy the subtle romance floating around the series.

So Day 9 is done. Day 10 is going to be interesting. Side characters deserve more love than the main characters sometimes. Time for me to search for one.

Post might be out tomorrow, if I feel like it. If not, Saturday. I will push 2 posts in a row if I’m writing on Saturday.

I hope you enjoy this series so far and do write your thoughts in the comments below.

I will see you guys soon.

3 responses to “28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 9

  1. Again, too many third grade manga to even mention.
    But I wasn’t a great fan of Kimi no Todoke either…. Just… Didn’t like it that much

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