28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 8

Hi hi. Back for another one. I’m trying to be consistent here.

If you missed any of my previous days, click here!

So we are talking about unpopular ship today… This one was hard to think of one so I spent nearly the whole night before sleeping thinking of a ship. The ships that I supported were pretty much popular.

But after constant thinking… I finally found one.

An Unpopular Ship I Supported: Pierre X Chocolat

You may think this was a pretty popular ship, but it wasn’t for me, at least from what I remembered.

I remember talking to my animu friends about this back when this was still airing and they didn’t really liked the pairing. They find their personalities to be rather contrasting.

But I was happy with the pairing and I’m glad it ended the way I wanted.

I actually find the Vanilla X Pierre pairing to be great too, but she was pretty much under Pierre’s control, so it ended up to be invalid.

Ah, now I wanna rewatch Sugar Sugar Rune.

So that’s it for me today. If you want a barebones Mahou Shoujo Shoujo anime, you really need to give this show a try. I know it’s 50+ eps long, yes it does get rather repetititve for the first 20+eps, but the plot twists, the darkness and the developments made this show worth marathoning with. With Yoshida Reiko writing the script, nothing will go wrong.

Day 9 is going to be another hard one, I enjoyed pretty much every shoujo anime I watched so far. I will think of one eventually.

I hope you enjoyed this challenge spree posts so far. Do write your thoughts in the comment sections below. I will read them!

4 responses to “28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 8

  1. This is an anime I don’t see mentioned much! I remember liking this when I watched it as it aired on a local channel when I was young. Vanilla was my fave character and I, too, shipped her with Pierre, but yeah, too bad they’re not valid.

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