28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 5

Hi, I’m back and I lied.

My roadtrip ended earlier than expected so I decided to to write a post! I couldn’t wait since it’s one of my favourite topics in Shoujo demographics.

Kiss scene.

If you missed any of my previous days of the challenge, click here! to read them!

I will be a little special and also bending a bit of rules. I will also feature my favourite manga kiss scene because it didn’t get adapted into anime.

So this post will be a 2-in-1.

Let’s start off with…

Best Shoujo Kiss Scene (Anime): Kamisama Hajimemashita

Yeah. They were a great couple since the beginning, it felt so sweet to see them eventually getting married at the end.

This show was so close to overtaking Soredemo but the great comedy and the less serious romance nature of the show put it down by 0.1 point.

Don’t get me wrong about the comedy part, but I wish this show put more emphasis on the romance a bit more, because most of the time it felt very cryptic or just pretty much played off as a practical joke.

But this show was excellent in its own way, like for example, the wonderfully wrapped ending!


Best Shoujo Kiss Scene (Manga): Kimi ni Todoke

This one is actually kind of infuriating. The most well-known series for its time-wasting nature, Kimi ni Slow Poke took 71 chapters before they could actually kiss.

But it felt extremely satisfying when it finally happens. I guess the grind felt worth it after all. But I didn’t enjoy the manga at all, but I read it for the sake of waiting for that first kiss scene in the manga.

So that’s my pick for best manga kiss

I hope my picks aren’t too cheesy, as I tend to pick cheesy ones, since I like those.

And that’s it for Day 5! Day 6 will be an easy pick too.

Day 6 will be out tomorrow if I can push it out. I will see you guys then!

Oh yeah, tell me your favourite kiss scenes too in the comments below! Doesn’t matter if its manga or anime!

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