28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 4

Hi hi. I’m back to writing more of this stuff.

Sorry I didn’t write anything yesterday, work was hectic and I am tired. But now that I am back, let’s get the challenge going!

If you missed my previous days, click here!

Today has got to be one of my favourite days, Favourite Female Shoujo Character. This one is pretty hard to pick for me. Because I like girls. Lol.

Favourite Female Shoujo Character: Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)

With the Son Hak yesterday, it’s kind of natural that I would pick Yona. Nike from Soredemo is a close 2nd.

I actually liked independent women more, like Nike for example. She really shines with her sense of independence, excellent singing voice and personality.

As for Yona, I only started to like her after the 2nd half, when she starts to learn to be more independent. Her personality also changed, behaving more mature, but still keeping her playful nature.

She has housewife material for sure. Oh yeah, and her hair has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen so far. I actually like it when she cut her hair short.

So yeah, keeping the Yona combo going. Sorry it’s another short one, I am having a migraine while writing this post.

Day 5 will be rather interesting, Favourite Kiss Scene. For this one I will do a twist. I will cover both anime and manga on that one.

I will not be writing tomorrow since I will be out for the day, so I will see you guys the day after!

Hope you enjoy the challenge so far, I will see you guys soon.

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