28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 2

Hi, I’m back for Day 2!

I want to thank you guys for the support on Day 1, it’s been encouraging for me and I feel glad that I picked this challenge up. Now I can proudly embrace my shoujo side of my anime spectrum.

If you missed my Day 1 and wanna read that first, click here!

So Day 2, All Time Favourite Shoujo Anime. This one is kind of hard, but my choice was clear since the start.

All Time Favourite Shoujo Anime: Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

The review can be found here!

I really love this show, I was glad I finished this show in one sitting and I’m still chasing the manga.

The age and generation gap felt kind of weird. But slowly as you get used to the concept, the romance can be rather sweet and it’s nice to watch as the couple slowly have feelings with one another.

I rewatched it dozen of times and I never got sick of it. It was a lot of rewatch value. The original ending felt nicely wrapped too. But it’s kind of sealed the fate of any future anime series.

The soundtrack is great, Maeda Rena’s singing voice is just incredible.

If you haven’t watch it, I recommend you to watch it, it’s sweet without being sticky, it’s straightforward and doesn’t take you a lot of time. It’s only 12 episodes, you will most probably be glued to your seat and finish up the show in one sitting.

I have watched a lot of other Shoujos after this and nothing really comes as close as this.

Before watching this, my favourite Shoujo was Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, Sugar Sugar Rune, the first Pretty Cure. My taste and requirements changes over time and I guess it has matured over the years.

That’s all for Day 2. Day 3 will be interesting, as a guy, picking a favourite guy is kind of weird and hard. But I think I have an idea who it is. When will it be out? If I can get it done by tomorrow, sure, I will post it tomorrow. If not, Friday.

I hope you enjoyed this challenge so far and I will see you guys then!

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