28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 1

Hi hi, I’m back for another post.

A little shout out to Keiko. She started the 28 Days Shoujo Challenge (which is so suitable for the month of Febuary, I see what you did there Keiko.), and she inspired me to embrace my Shoujo side of anime more. So I decided to start writing on this.

Do check out on her Shoujo Challenges post, it is still ongoing (at the point of this writing) so you still have some form of suspense going around.

For some of you guys who know knows me, I am an avid fan of romance, so naturally, I move to Shoujo to get my romance fix. Shounen romance sometimes just doesn’t cut it anymore.

“But you a guy, why you watch Shoujo?”

Hey you there, its 2019 already, get a move on, will ya?

According to Anilist, I watched over 110 Shoujo shows, and that takes up about 10% of my anime watched, and 50% of my romance shows.

So I believe I am qualified to do such a challenge(?)

But anyhow, Day 1 is about my first Shoujo anime I ever watched. This one is actually interesting, because it was my childhood.

My first Shoujo show: Cardcaptor Sakura

My review on Cardcaptor is here by the way!

It was on TV so I watched it, but I guess it was one of the catalyst that started my romance route in anime watching.

I really loved the constant adventures it has, the subtle romance is sweet without being overly intrusive and throwing off the main plot.

After 1st half, things twisted towards the dark side and changed my tone on approaching the show.

As a kid, I didn’t really understand so I embrace anything that comes onto my plate, but now, I learned on how to appreciate it better.

I can rewatch this anytime and never get sick of it. I has a lot of rewatching value.

My thoughts on Clear Card? It’s great, but too short. They stuck to the same formula for the sake of nostalgia and it worked out well for them. The plot twists came a lot more sooner, and the pacing felt a lot more faster than the original.

I wish they could adapt this one again after the manga ends.

That’s it for my Day 1. Just a little note that I am a busy man, so I might not be able to post this one every single day, but I will try to post more often, since I have things to write now.

Day 2 post will come tomorrow, I will see you guys then.

So excited on writing this genre to be honest, never been so excited about something for awhile.

5 responses to “28 Day Shoujo Challenge: Day 1

  1. Ohhhh nice challenge… I’m going to go right ahead and take it in the comments here.
    The first shoujo I watched would be…. Special A! If that is a shoujo… If not then strobe edge is the one I read

    Liked by 1 person

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