Happy Valentine’s Day to Me?: I bought a PS4 Pro

Hi all, I know this post is out a day later than it should be, but I was lazy to write since I came home late from work yesterday.

I was already planning to buy this for about a year plus now, but I finally got the money to do it. So I bought it last week. (From the time of this writing, so yeah, it’s a week old since I used it.) I know I’m late to the game, but at least I have a whole lot of library of games to clear now.

Which bundle did you get?

I got the God of War bundle. What it has is basically a PS4 Pro (duh), and a physical copy of God Of War.

For the nerds out there, I got the 7200 series model, so it’s the latest and greatest revision of the Pro.

A funny thing about this one is that…

They wrote that this unit is a SG unit… but after I opened the sleeve…


I kinda laughed, thanks Sony for giving a repacked unit. But it is new so I’m actually nitpicking here.

Look at this beauty

I bought skins and other accesories for the console, and they haven’t arrived yet. I will be posting my stuff on Twitter when it comes so do follow me there

What do you hate and love about the console after the week of abusing it?

I love…

  • The graphics quality between this and my cousin’s OG PS4 is so damn obvious. Not for all games though.
  • The power consumption isn’t really high, even for it’s graphical powess.
  • The light bar looks so much better than the new PS4 Slim, but the OG PS4 light bar still looks better than mine.
  • It’s quiet, even under extreme load.
  • Youtube, Twitch, Netflix and Prime Video all in one place.
  • The console looks so sleek in Jet Black, but I’m gonna skin it.
  • People say 1TB is not enough, so far I only used 20% of the space.

I hate…

  • The thickness of the console is damn thick. Even thicker than the OG PS4.
  • The heat is incredible. Even my AC couldn’t cool this thing. I bought 2 coolers for it so hopefully it works.
  • The console is heavy. Very heavy. I’m scared of carrying it, fearing it will drop off my weak hands. During the trip back home after the purchase, it feels so heavy to carry onto the train.
  • Playing physical copies of the games really cranks up the noise of the disc reader.
  • No analog audio output, I literally use my controller to play to my speakers and the volume is so low even at max.

Despite the cons of the console, I still love it. I can now find a new place to play games since my PC is starting to choke at 2018 games.

I will be streaming my games from the PS4 gradually, but I need to get an Elgato to make my stream quality looks consistent.

If you are willing to help out, do visit my Ko-fi here. Every dollar counts. And also, if you wanna watch me stream games every now and then, do visit it here. Follow it and turn on notifications to know whenever I stream.

So yeah, that’s all for this show off session. My PSN is mirrorpurple if guys wanna add me!

I will probably write another post after a month with the console. I am still planning my 800th post special so give me ideas on my Twitter!

See you guys when I see you!

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