So it’s 2019…

So yeah, it’s “finally” 2019, a dreadful 2018 has passed.

I’m not going to really list like whatever happened in 2018, as I don’t want to remember.

A friend suggested a resolution for 2019, so I decided to do it. I’m not a strong believer about resolutions, because I have nothing achieved in 2018 to be honest.

Well, so since here I am writing it already, might as well just carry on.

My resolutions for 2019:

  1. To be able to build a new PC up, my laptop is dying as you read.
  2. Overcome my insomnia, sleep more.
  3. Probably make more friends online. I feel like I don’t really have people to talk to. Everyone feels like acquaintances or strangers than friends. I constantly get this feeling that I’m unapproachable or just being hated.
  4. Able to be a better Twitch streamer.
  5. Talk to people more. Be it IRL or online.

May look simple, but they are probably unachievable for me.

Well, I did mention back in April 2018 that I might close down my blog in 2019, but now I am unsure.

I might change my mind to either take a lengthy hiatus, like for a year or so, or just push myself on, keep writing and sweep everything under the rug.

But that doesn’t mean closing down the blog isn’t an option. I am constantly looking for motivation to write, looking for inspiration to write. But lately I feel like writing has been a chore more than something I find it fun to do back then.

Also losing friends back in 2018, really did kill the drive to continue being in the blogging sphere.

It’s been awhile I have been writing so truthfully about myself, it feels good. I have been hiding a lot of facts about myself, because I think it’s pointless of sharing.

But before I turn this post into a dreary one, I think I will just stop here.

I will try to find time to watch Dragon Ball Broly and I Want To Eat Your Pancreas since they are showing here. I will also take a break from blogging for the next few days, and probably push out a Liz to Aoi Tori post during the weekends

I will see you guys then!

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