Fall 2018 Wrap Up

Hey hey, its time to wrap things up.

Fall in general was a hit or miss for me. I was getting what I expected from shows and there are shows where it’s just wrong.

So without further ado, as this will be a long post, let’s get right to it.


Well, this show is a mess. But when it delivers moments, it’s actually pretty decent. Story needs a lot of polish, I cannot feel any solid goal of the story.

Some of the sexual gags are on point, some of them felt rather inappropriate, be it the timing or the execution.

I do love and hate this show. I wish this show could have done a little better. The cast list was great, but this show isn’t using them to its full potential.

Looks like my hate for Gonzo will never end.

Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara

This show felt VERY underwhelming, for the massive buildup it has been grinding for over 6 episodes.

First half felt slow, but the story has a certain meaning that I cannot understand on my first watch. A charm about P.A.Works that I love.

The story picks up pace after the 2nd half and oh boy, am I waiting for an epic ending. But guess what, I got this feeling that it’s Glasslip all over again. That ending was shallow, left me with a feeling of betrayal. Another inconclusive ending.

Animation standards is honestly a step back, I still think NagiAsu is the best looking one from P.A so far. There are moments where it looked stunning, But there are a lot of moments where I think it can be done better. Character designs took me quite awhile for me to get used to.

Ishihara Kaori’s voice as Hitomi is also another aspect took me awhile to get used to. I am so used to her voicing cheery and bubbly roles, so this is new. But I do find myself being uncomfortable to that monotone voice of hers. Hondo Kaede though, did a pretty solid job. But I sometime wish that they swapped roles.

But overall, I did enjoy it, somewhat, but I kind of expected a lot more P.A.

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

Probably one of my favourite shows for the season. I really love this show.

The romance really brings out a lot of drama and I like these type of shows a lot. I wish there are more animes like this. Hasuki became best girl of the season for me. The story is simple, straight to the point and never lethargic.

Nothing much I could really say, the character designs were adorable, the romance is cheesy, the voice cast is lit.

And Char is probably best ojou.

Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai

The biggest scam of 2018, right here.

The story was okay, honestly, but the animation quality cannot stop distracting me.

Magia Doraglier should stop making shows if they don’t want to cooperate with a senior studio.

According to the credits of episode 2, the most likely reason for the series’s deteriorating animation quality is due to Buyu being in charge of key animation as opposed to the main NAZ studio. Buyu is a production company that was only in charge of in-between animation and finish animation in episode 1. Additionally, multiple individual staffers were credited with key animation rather than single companies.


Like seriously, this time of age and they can just push out such quality. Even the cel animation days looked better.

Hopefully Magia will keeps their paws off the Bluray release because that’s the only way they can redeem themselves.


I picked this one up like mid season and I didn’t regret.

Namori character designs, with combat girls. Nothing will go wrong, but there is a slight flaw.

Momochi’s talent on smell is kind of swept under the rug here, so she pretty much became a normal discipline under Yuki, looking kind of ordinary.

But putting that aside, the show was great still. The character developments was good, story pacing is nice. The ending was great, nice wrap up but sad to see Yuki’s right eye permanently impaired.

Music was great, cast list is nice, I really can’t wait for Endro this coming season.

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai

This is a great contender for AOTS, but I do find the final arc being rather weirdly ended. Like how Kaede became from a best imouto to a typical imouto.

The story has been pretty great, the conversations between characters were pretty well done, everyone feels like they are having actual conversations with one another.

The character designs felt fresh at first, but strangely they felt bland after mid-season. Character personalities though, felt very unique and kind of relatable.

I’m not going to press a lot of judgement for now, since the movie is coming soon, anyway. I will write up a complete review by then.


Trigger has done it again. A drastic change in their artstyle is great.

The story felt like a simple fight monsters show, but slowly the tone of the story changes and oh boy, are we in for a serious story.

The character developments felt rather ambiguous, the premise of the story starts to blur, but we eventually got back on track.

The ending was a nice wrap, ending with “Ah back to irl.” Only Trigger can pull this off.

Akane best girl

Tokyo Ghoul:re 2

Why did I watch this.

It’s just a botched work in the making before the show even started when Ishida “proudly” announced to the world saying “I’m gonna squeeze 120 chapters in 12 episodes.”

Like seriously? You are just making yourself look bad.

So about the show, I really don’t want to talk about it, because none of the episodes linked with one another.

And I found a review actually praising the work for being “very emotional driven.” And when I called him out, his excuse? “I never read the manga.”

Like c’mon, I never read the manga myself and I can feel the amount of crap this show has been giving to us. I held off the manga until the show ended so I can realize how bad the anime was.

But yeah, this show is dumb and this whole anime is just a flop. Great premise ruined by a lazy mangaka and a trashy anime studi. So yeah, drop all the anime if you haven’t watch, and read the manga instead.

In fact after this anime, I’m not even gonna support the mangaka at all.

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san

Okay, I regret dropping this.

The first half was bad, but the 2nd half picked up momentum, and became what it should have been in the first place.

It’s chill, it’s blood sucking, it’s nocturnal. I blame this show for screwing my sleep schedule.

But anyways, it’s a great chill show, and especially when it airs on Friday here, so it’s a perfect wrapup to my hectic weekdays

Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru

Another anime of the season for me again.

The comedy is on-point, the animations looks smooth, and FBI has now put me in their watchlist.

But that aside, the show has unexpectedly plenty amount of character developments, deep backstories and weird people

I wouldn’t mind an S2, I’m too deep into this massive valley, all I need to do it to get arrested.

Yagate Kimi ni Naru

I wish their relationship could be more bold.

They played it so low profile but it still feels sweet and subtle. The story pacing is pretty slow, but I like it the way it is.

I think this show is fine with just one cour, doing another cour might mess it all up.

Or maybe do an OVA with Sayaka’s counterattack. Never mind, make it a movie, do something dramatic that would blow my mind away. It would be so emotionally driven that it can finally dethrone Sakura Trick.

But yeah, I love this show, a lot. The chemistry between both female seiyuus is just impeccable.

Troyca really cockteased me big time with that animation quality in EP1, but after that, everything looked ordinary, but character designs are great though and the color palette is so on-point.

Well that’s it for this post. I will still be watching Slime, Index III and SAO: A so their reviews will come next season. Yeah, I will do a mid-review of SAO after Winter.

Fall overall was okay, but with quite a few shitty shows that got in the way. Hopefully Winter will change that.

Next post is under planning so I don’t know when I can write it out, so I will see you guys then!

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