2018 Wrap Up: Anime

Happy New Year!

Ah, finally. 2018 is over. And now I hit the main crucial post to wrap, Anime.

This year has been a constant hit-or-miss, we get surprising great shows, to extremely disastrous shows.

This one will be special, since I watched wayyyy too many shows this year, actually like just a couple more I will be picking 10 shows for this one.

As usual, no ranking whatsoever, I’m a bad judge.

10. Asobi Asobase

This will be under the surprisingly good category. I was expecting a bit of a chill slice-of-life. But I was VERY wrong.

I ended up nearly ending my breathing every episode. I do kind of relate to some of the antics. You really have to give credits to Kishi Seiji, he can pull off melodramatic or even extremely comedic shows very well. He can even go BEYOND that, he enhances elements from the source material.

Artwork was also another unique point. Loved that blandly colored designs. Voice actresses sounds great at being dumb, too much fun listening to them.

I really don’t mind a season 2, I wish I can watch suchs shows more to have a change of pace, from all the isekais especially from this year after Re:Zero literally changed the game.

9. Darling in the Franxx

I remember hyping this show soooo much back in 2017, but I would say, I’m not really all that disappointed. This one is also the most controversial one this year, stirring a lot of shit, creating a lot of clout.

Yeah, I do admit, the way the story flows can be kind of questionable, the main purpose of the story starts to blur after the mid season, but if we put that all aside, it wasn’t all that bad.

I did mention back during the start of the season, A-1 is taming or even controlling Trigger’s way of storytelling. I was sitting there, thinking this show will represent Trigger in a new way, but ended up thinking that it looks rather weird.

The cast list is massive, but I really appreciate how they managed to blend with one another so well. Music in this show is also another plus for me.

Trigger’s animations with A-1’s color palette, it’s actually a pretty nice combination, took me awhile to get used to, but after quite a few episodes, got used to it and loved it.

I think Trigger can stop collaborating with other studios, especially massive ones like A-1, where they will ended up overly influencing and ended up controlling the steps they take.

And I think they kind of listen, because…

8. SSSS.Gridman

…this happened. And this was a pretty strong contender for AOTY

Trigger took a new direction with this. Tsuburaya Pro did an excellent job by picking Trigger. They really know how to get things done.

Story was pretty nicely done. It really did some decent exposure of the psychological elements of the show. The ending was weird at first, but after thinking about it for a bit, I was like “Yeap, Trigger is probably one of the rare ones that will pull this one off.”

The cast list did a great job trying to talk like they are not reading a script. It really hits off like everyone is actually having a conversation.

The animations is a serious breath of fresh air. Their signature animations are retained, but they did an extensive rework with their coloring. Like this show need to be watched in HDR to feel the eye popping vivid colors.

7. Grand Blue

Ah, this really reminds me of Studio Comet’s golden age back in 05-06.

The comedy is so old-school and I love it. The goofy character comedy is just so nostalgic. The transition from serious to comedy and then back to serious again is pretty damn well done.

I really wish more shows are like this, too much of the same formula of comedy is starting to feel bland, so we can go retro for a bit.

The cast is great, everyone there just loves alcohol, absolutely my type of show.

6. Hataraku Saibou

Most educational show for sure. No frills, no fanservice, just straight up facts about your body, done in a perfect story telling format.

Every episode is just new facts after new facts after new facts. I feel smarter after watching the entire season.

Cast lists is pretty great, I like how they managed the chemistry out pretty nicely.

I really need to have an S2, so I know how pimples happen.

5. Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

I really have to give credit to Xebec on this one. Finally a good show from them after like what? To Love-ru ended?

Putting the fanservice aside, this show is great. I love the story, the characters are finally the lovable types and fanservice is also finally not the no.1 priority. I really wish there’s an S2 for this one. Comedy is a bit on point, but I just like how sweet the show is.

The cast list is great, everyone had great voices.

4. Takunomi

My favourite alcohol show in forever, period.

15mins is short, but every episode was just all about sweet sweet alcohol. The characters are lovable, and the presentation is pretty educational for mature audience with a certain level of passion for alcohol.

Character designs is probably one of the most lovable for me this year. I love this show so much, that I actually miss it after the season ended.

3. Violet Evergarden

This show has to be in the list for sure. Definitely.

The emotional stir that this show has created is just memorable. But the main flaw is how the story didn’t manage to flow as well as the first half and a lot of characters get heavily sidelined after like 2-3 episodes in. I really wish they could have executed this one better. But the movie is coming so I’m going to hold back.

The character designs were great, quality is pretty much way more upscaled than the usual KyoAni we have seen so far.

The cast list couldn’t be even more perfect. But because it was so centered towards Violet, I ended up listening to Ishikawa Yui’s voice way too much for my liking, it was even more bad when Violet is pretty much a dead person inside, killing a lot of the momentum and feel for the story. It feels like a constant boring monologue.

But when Violet isn’t doing most of the talking, the other seiyuus did a great job engaging one another, making the show less unbearable. Another thing I can never feel is also the OP and ED. Both were great songs, but they were not played enough times for me to actually appreciate them. BGMs were great though.

2. Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

As a ramen binge eater, I have to put this one in.

This show really gave me a lot of insights on ramen itself, which helped me a lot when I ordered my ramen in Ichiran back during my Hong Kong trip, because there were a lot of customization options.

The story is great, straight to the point, and is also equally educational for ramen eaters. This show is also lowkey yuri of some sorts. I really love how the story doesn’t stray away from the main element, ramen.

The famous quote from her is probably: “Ramen is meant to eat alone.” I used to believe in that, but after this show, I firmly believe that principle, so I, not say that I stop eating ramen with people, but I kinda stopped inviting people to eat ramen with me. May sound lonely but I got used to it eventually.

Let’s wipe that depressing stuff aside. The music is great. Cast couldn’t be any better, all I need now is another season of ramen eating.

  1. Satsuriku no Tenshi

This is pretty decent, it’s not about the horror, but the psychological elements that started this mess.

This show is great, despite the lack of horror. The character developments with the pair is just great, and how the relationship grows and how Rachel eventually get back her humanity.

The plot twists are there, but not many and not very dramatic. But the antagonists gave the story enough drama to move the plot. The ending felt rather fulfilling, but I wish the climax was done a lot more better, it’s lacking something. But at least they did another 4 more episodes to do a proper ending.

Cast is great, Okamoto absolutely nailed Zack’s voice completely. Music was pretty decent.

That’s my top 10 but I do wanna add some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

Sunoharasou no Kanririn-san: Great slice-of-life. It’s pretty chill so I’m not expecting much anyway, but still enjoyable.

Happy Sugar Life: It’s so dark, I like it, but I guess it’s a little bit too dark for me.

High School DxD Hero: It’s great, it’s a wonderful improvement compared to the previous season, but still not good enough to be in the list.

Mahou Shoujo Site: It’s also another dark show, but I wish the ending was done a bit better.

Cardcaptor Sakura: It’s great that kept the formula the same after so long, but I wish there’s more, it feels very incomplete.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni: The concept and story was great, but the plot in the end pretty much stayed stagnant for the rest of the season, not much developments whatsoever.

Pop Team Epic: The biggest meme of 2018. But I wish the skits were longer and also another season of it.

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet, Release The Spyce, Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai. I will explain why during my season wrap up in the coming days.

There were also trashy shows too.

Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai (ImoImo): The biggest scam of 2018, and I wish the animation director get fired. Honestly, unacceptable quality. Magia Doraglier should just stop making anime and close their doors in general. Collaborating with NAZ and still can produce such quality.

Tokyo Ghoul:re 2: Probably worse that Root A. The content cutting, the zero story flow, it’s just irritating. Ishida really is one lazy mangaka, for allowing such a production.

Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku: Horrible choice of main guy’s VA pretty much killed it for me. Story isn’t engaging at all too.

Slow Start: Way too slow, it’s like a constant buildup to something, but it never happens.

Beatless: Feels like Tokyo Ghoul:re but without much of the content cutting. Certain arcs are way too short, and some are too long. The recap after every arc is also a massive turn off. The show also showed problematic delays too, resulting of the postponement of the 4 episodes. Major waste of time.

So yeah, that’s it for this overly lengthy post. I will see you guys in a few days where I will write the shows I will be watching for Winter 2019, oh boy, it’s going to be great.

One response to “2018 Wrap Up: Anime

  1. I started Banana Fish and tsurune kazemai koukou kyuudoubu (I guess I’m just not into the sports genre even if it’s fanservice for girls lol). I finished Violet Evergarden and really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure about Satsuriku no Tenshi but I may give it a go.

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