My Top 18 Waifus of All Time So Far…

Merry Christmas!

I do have gifts I wanna share but I will share them in a later date, because they didn’t arrive yet…

But today, I have a special post.

I was thinking, since I change waifus all the time, you guys should be curious about who were my actual MVP waifus.

Waifus that last for an eternity. Waifus that gave me a deep impression.

As usual on all these posts, there is no ranking. I’m a bad judge.

18. Touma Kazusa (White Album 2)

Relatable story, relatable personality. She will always have a place in my heart. I really need to finish up the VN, the anime wasn’t satisfying enough.

17. Morishima Haruka (Amagami SS)

I need a girl like her in my life. So bubbly, constantly optimistic, clingy to only a certain extent. She like one of the girls I really want irl.

16. Ayatsuji Tsukasa (Amagami SS)

Another “perfect on the outside, dark on the inside” type of girls. But in reality, she could be one of the most dreamy girls someone could possibly have.

15. Sylphy (Amagi Brilliant Park)

Classic dumb girl, but her behaviour will probably make my day even during my darkest days.

14. Sakagami Tomoyo (Clannad, Tomoyo After)

I also need a girl like her. Serious yet loving, helps out with certain decision making. She is an ideal housewife material. I still highly recommend her visual novel.

13. Chi (Chobits)

THIS IS WHAT I WANNA MARRY. If anyone out there has the ability to manufacture one of these things in the near future, I’m buying one just to marry it. I’m getting desperate.

12. Caster (Fate)

I have a love-hate relationship with the girls in the Fate series. I loved Saber for a brief period until UBW happened, then I moved to Rider, but now after UBW ended and the start of HF, I’m in love with Caster.

I still like Rider though, she is the main heroine for HF, and they are literally showing her charms to her absolute limit. But the main reason why I stuck to Caster because of Tanaka Atsuko. Bayonetta might be the main reason.

And also, she can be a great housewife, according to Carnival Phantasm.

11. Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

I know she may be all looks, but her mindset, personality is exactly my type.

10. Suou Amane (Grisaia)

Another housewife material/onee-chan. She has this motherly aura that warms my heart. If we had kids, I can entrust the kids to her. I will not let her go out to work to be honest.

9. Shizuru Viola (Mai-Otome)

I know she’s les, but still, her composure and her charisma is something a lot of waifu has never been able to reach after decades.

8. Ikaros (Sora no Otoshimono)

Cute in her own right. And besides, she can be a great bodyguard.

7. Cattleya Baudelaire (Violet Evergarden)

This is one of the more modern waifus and also, one of the most underrated and neglected ones. She really needs more airtime, and I want to know more about her badly. Hopefully the movie will give her a bit more airtime.

6. Karura (Utawarerumono)

Another love hate with this one. I was in the Eruru camp for awhile when I first watched the show, but after watching it again a decade later, I moved on to Karura. I guess my taste evolves every decade. Why I moved on? Tanaka Atsuko mainly, but the way she speaks, her personality really gets to me.

5. Tokisaki Kurumi (Date A Live)

Totally not peeping.

I am kind of masochistic, so I would love a girl like her. And I’m ready to be the next Asian to marry a figurine.

4. Yatogami Tohka (Date A Live)

My first waifu of the show, but then, I love her for food bingeing. a girl who is not conscious about their physical figure and enjoy food with me.

3. Yame Yukana (Hajimete no Gal)

Another modern waifu. Putting the fanservice aside, her personality really gives off that certain aura that makes you feel good to spend time with. She also have that ideal housewife feel for me.

2. Charlotte Dunois (Infinite Stratos)

Infinite Stratos is still probably the only show so far where I like all the girls. As for her, she has the best looking uniform, the best legs and the nicest personality. She is by far the best out of all the girls in the show. I wish she could cook for me.

  1. Futami Eriko (Kimikiss)

Ah, this might surprise a few people. Her mysterious vibe and overly intelligent persona is really gets to me. I wish more girls like her exists.

So yeah, that wraps up my list of my Waifu Hall of Fame. More posts are in the pipelines to celebrate me surviving another year

I will see you guys then!

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