I took a boat: Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 3/4: Strait of Malacca

Hey hey hey. It’s me again!

For those who missed my previous posts, click here!

Finally, we are now coming to an end to the cruise. I combined both days into one because Day 4 isn’t really much, just sadness from leaving the ship.

Day 3

I chose to skip breakfast because I was lazy of waking up early. But we ordered a pretty lit lunch during the night before but the lunch has included something extra, a galley (kitchen) tour!

I was too mesmerized by the food, how they made it and paying attention to the head waiter while he guides us so I didn’t really take a lot of pictures.

But to summarize, since the main dining room is 3 floors high, the galley is also 3 floors high, to serve each floor. The layout of all of them are identical.

After the tour, we go for lunch. The lunch is a buffet of all the paid restaurants. There are 3 of them, so we get a snippet of their menu.

(I forgot to mention this, there are paid and free restaurants on the ship. You can pick what you wanna eat during your meals)

Beside the food, you get unlimited champagne! AHHH PARADISE!

There was sushi, western food, dessert table with that choco fountain and 50 glasses of champagne… My god, 4 pax for USD 137? WORTH.

Nah I didn’t really drank 50 glasses of champagne, but quite a decent amount before losing my sanity. It was a great lunch. After that we did some shopping, and I got an early Christmas gift from my parents.

I can connect to the watch via Bluetooth to do various settings. It’s eco-friendly because it runs on solar power. Took quite awhile to recharge this thing though.

After the shopping, we went to see an ice skating performance. We were supposed to watch it on Day 1, but it was so packed that we have to wait till Day 3 to finally watch it. My sister managed to enter the queue super early so we were like the front 10 people.

There is no arranged seating, you sit wherever you want. Naturally, we picked the front row.

They opened the doors an hour early so yeah, we need to wait for an hour before the performance start.

And finally, the performance started.

And mid-performance, because we were sitting by the entrance of the rink at the front row, one of the performers asked my mother, yes, my mom to join in.

It was a pleasant experience, she said. She put on her glasses as she walks up to that chair.

The performance was very artistic and enjoyable. Well, I guess my mom had the best time of her life out there. The performance is about an hour long.

By the time we got out of the rink, we were freezing and we walked around the mall before going back to our room to get ready for our dinner.

I kinda regretted my dinner.

I was craving for beef, but this is not what I expected. The only good thing is that black pepper was incredibly strong.

They had better food on their table. I regret. But my dessert saved the ENTIRE dinner though.

With ACTUAL rum in it, nothing beats a good alcoholic cake.

After dinner we walked around the ship for the last time before we exit the ship the next day. It was cold and also going to rain, we then went back inside.

After walking around the ship, there was a broadway-esque performance in their massive theatre so yeap, spent another 1 hour there. With nothing else to do, we went back to our rooms and slept in early.

Day 4


It was only 8am, but we are already docking at the pier. I am not hyped.

Breakfast took a long time to queue to, like literally the whole ship is queuing at the same restaurant for breakfast buffet.

But yeah, we can only disembark at about 10am, but finally got our ride back home at 10.30.

But the thing is when we got back, the power is out. They were doing maintenance on the power grid. So we drove out for lunch first.


But yeah, this wrapped up my cruise. It was my first time, but it was a pleasant experience overall. I might be going for another one by the end of 2019 or Q1 2020 because the 2nd largest ship class, Quantum of the Seas is coming to Singapore and I WANT TO BE ON THAT SHIP. We are currently eyeing on the 5night trip to Phuket. We’ll see if it will come true, the price is pretty steep.

My thoughts on my statesroom? It was way better than I expected, I love the view. But the crowd control needs some work. So many elevators/lifts, but we are constantly waiting for over 10 mins just to get a ride. Despite the flaws, it was a nice cruise. I might forgo my plans to take a plane to somewhere, to take a cruise ship instead.

So yeah, that wraps up my cruise posts chain. So far there are no new travel plans yet so I don’t know when will this type of post will appear again on this blog.

I genuinely enjoyed writing such content. It’s a nice change of pace.

Next week will be filled with wrap-up posts and also what shows I will be watching next season. So see you guys then!

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