2018 Wrap Up: Anime Studios

Hey hey hey it’s me.

2018 is coming to an end, oh boy… I’m getting older and older.

So I thought of doing a wrap up like I have done from previous years, BUT, I will be doing it in separate posts. Today I will be talking about my Top 5 anime studios for 2018. Mainly talking about animation quality. Story based rating will be in the future.

So let’s start from No.5~!

5. Studio Trigger (Darling in The Franxx, SSSS.Gridman)

Darling was great on its own. But I think Gridman really made me put this one on 5.

Darling was not really 100% Trigger, A-1 was also a part of the production. But the collaboration was pretty great in the end, which is nice to see.

But Gridman was a whole new level. Probably after gaining experience from Darling, they really up their game in Gridman, colors looked incredibly vibrant, action scenes looked fluid. I really want to watch this show in HDR, it would look amazing.

4. A-1 Pictures (SAO: A, Wotakoi)

Sword Art Online really got me, they brought upgrades to SAO’s visuals, when I personally think Ordinal Scale was actually pretty great.

But there are some weird flaws like Asuna and Suguha’s boobs got swapped, the most notable one. But otherwise, the combat scenes so far looks very promising.

Not forgetting Wotakoi here, it looks like how A-1 does their slice-of-life shows. It doesn’t look like it’s cheaply made, it’s decent.

3. Dogakobo (Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!)

I didn’t watch a lot of Dogakobo’s shows this year (nah, just one), but they have stepped up their game, just when I felt that their shows are starting to look bland.

Uchi no Maid really blew me away with the amazing amount of keyframes they adapt on such a show. Character designs still looks great, despite no longer getting Kikuchi Ai with the designs.

I wish they can keep this up. Can’t wait to see what is coming from next year.

2. Lerche (Shichisei no Subaru, Asobi Asobase)

Subaru was fine, but I want to focus more on Asobi Asobase.

The artstyle of Asobi is just probably the one that looks like an enhanced version of how they did on Tsuki ga Kirei. The outline looks very less visible, colors looked more bland.

I personally liked the artstyle of Tsuki ga Kirei, I watched this show for its artstyle alone, but ended up nearly ending my own breathing. But yeah, Lerche is also pretty consistent with their works anyway, so they deserve another praise from me.

1.J.C.Staff (Shokugeki no Souma, Satsuriku no Tenshi, Index III)

They are honestly coming back, they have been consistently topping my charts.

They may not have been making incredible levels of quality, but you really have to credit them for the consistency in their works.

Adapting 3-4 shows per season for a couple of years straight is just an amazing feat. They really deserve the credit. It feels like back to the 2008-2010 era when they were at their peak.

With DAL S3, Accelerator, Railgun S3, OPM 2, 2019 will be another incredible year for them, if they keep up with their consistency.

Honorable Mentions

Liden Films (Boarding School Juliet) – I have always loved their character designs, but their animation techniques isn’t really mindblowing to be in the list, but I wish they will keep this up.

EMT Squared (Alice or Alice, Hyakuren) – Also another good studio to love for their character designs, but techniques really lacking.

Xebec (Yuuna-san) – They finally got back on their feet after To Love-ru. Their characters are even more lovable as ever, their animations is also one of the best in 2018. But I cannot move them in the list yet, they are still rather inconsistent.

Troyca (Yagate Kimi ni Naru) – It looks amazing at first glance, but I think all of that quality only lasted for an episode. After ep1, they did drop their ball for a bit. It still looks amazing but I wish they could keep up what they did on ep1.

So yeah, that’s it for my 2018 wrap up for anime studios. There will be more wrap ups to come.

So I will see you guys on the next post.

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