I took a boat: Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 2: Penang

Hey hey, it’s time for Day 2.

Day 2 is pretty much when we reach Penang and we got 6 hours to play outside the ship.

For those who missed it, Day one post is here!

Day 2

It was a dark morning… because…

Yeah, a storm was on the way. But after awhile, it suddenly cleared out then I went to Deck 11 for our buffet breakfast.

The Long Hallway…

Luckily we went up slightly earlier than the majority on the ship so there wasn’t any queue.

I’m not a pretty big fan of their breakfast here. The food there is pretty decent, but I don’t like how hard and blocky their scrambled eggs were, they tasted weird too.

Ah, the back of the ship table is great.

But the experience overall was great. I guess it was my first time that’s why it was great. But I think I can never get over this experience.

After breakfast, we went back to our rooms to rest before reaching Penang.

So I slept on the balcony, until it decided to rain again, then I went back inside.

Had a pretty lengthy 3 hour nap, but after that, we went down to the mall to look at some stuff.

They were throwing sales all around the place. The stuff they sell though are either slightly old or from a brand’s previous collections.

They have Coach, Swarovski, Gucci, pretty much everything. But while doing some window shopping, I fell in love with a certain watch. Looking at the price, it’s a whole lot of *gasp*. I didn’t buy it.

So we hung out and went to the free cafe, and ate pizza. The cafe is always crowded.

At around 2pm, we finally reached Swettenham Pier, Penang.

The whole pier is brimming with history. It looks old but it’s pleasant.

what a wonky paranama photo.

I really miss Penang, it’s been over half a decade. Sad that we can only have 7 hours to hang out in Penang.


Since it’s only 2 plus, we can only disembark at 3. So we went back to our hotel rooms to chill for a bit and also prep my backpack.

Finally we get to disembark, and of course, there is a lot of people also trying to get out the ship, so we had to wait of course.

After finally getting out, we grabbed a private taxi, a taxi that drives you to anywhere and everywhere, anytime. He’s like the chauffeur for a day.

There’s no need to do any customs stuff since the ship has our passports, this is the first time in my life I walked into a foreign country without a passport.

It was extremely hot in Penang, until the AC in the taxi is literally useless. Where we went first is to the “Upside Down Museum.” I’m surprised I didn’t know about this place back in the past.

So the basic concept of the place is that, the world is upside down. This part will be a picture spam.

Meet my family!  (If you guys down know who I am, I’m the guy with the number 47 on my shirt. Sorry if I look especially dead in the photos, I’m not very photogenic.)

The world is an upside down place in there, looks trippy when you rotate the pictures.

So it was a pleasant experience, the guys working in the museum helped out with the photography and the ideas for poses.

After that we went to Chew Jetty, it’s actually an old jetty named after a person’s surname Chew. There are a lot of shops set up around the jetty. I didn’t take any pictures inside there but at the end of the jetty…

After going to the jetty, there is a shopping street so we decided to take a break first at a random cafe…

My little sister bought a lot of stuff at the shopping street, but I bought a pack of baked cashews. So totally not empty handed.

We actually received a voucher back from the Upside Down Museum to go to the history museum at a discounted price. So we went there of course. When we went to the Upside Down Museum, it was packed, to the point we had to take queue numbers, and the crowd grew even larger by the time we exited the museum. But when we went to the history museum, there was no one.

Here’s another picture spam.

You may think this is the end of museum trip, BUT NO.

The reason why we got discounted tickets from the Upside Down Museum is because they are kind of under the same management. So there is still a lot of those quirky things all over the place! Picture spam galore.

It was fun, and all of us were extremely tired. As you can see a lot of the pose were pretty exhausting.

After finish the museum it was getting dark, so it’s dinner time. I wanted something heavy so…

I got wonton noodles. Okay, it’s a bad pun, moving on.

The food was great, we had satay, rojak, Penang Char Kway Teow… With some Longan drink and waterchestnut sugarcane drink.

We then went to Gurney Plaza to do some more window shopping. By the time everything is over, its already 8.30pm, and we have to be back to the ship before 10, and also crowd fears.

We then went back to the ship… But the security checks are packed already. I had a person who had a huge bunch of gold necklaces and jade taking her sweet damn time taking everything out one by one. I’m surprised she wasn’t even a target of a robbery.

The trip was great, it was hot but we had fun. We pretty much chilled at the ship and watched movies in our rooms before going to bed.

So yeah, that’s it for Day 2, it was an action packed day even though we only had 7 hours in Penang.

Day 3 will be in the middle of the Malacca Strait, so it’s an all-day stuck in the ship. BUT, the day is still pretty packed. It will be out in the coming days. So see you guys then!

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