Why I Don’t Go To Anime Conventions Anymore

Hi hi, it’s me again.

For those who know, I made a poll on Twitter last week about whether to write this rather controversial post, and most of you guys said yes, so I decided why not.

Anime Festival Asia passed by again this year, and I didn’t attend again.

My first AFA was 10 years ago and my last one was 5 years ago. Many elements really made me decided to stop going to the convention.

Price Hike Every Year, Same Old Stuff Every Year

This I find, is rather stupid.

AFA during its first year, SGD30 for 2 days but you get:
1. Suzumiya Haruhi to Yuutsu movie
2. Gundam 00 movie
3. Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
4. Event stage always have talks and interviews with seiyuus every hour.

And a lot more that I kind of forgot. This was probably the best AFA I have went and always will be.

When I go to my last AFA, ticket for 2 days now cost SGD55, and we only get 1 movie, nothing much changed inside except for the anime they feature and sell. Even merch got MARKED UP ABOVE PRICES THAT I CAN BUY ONLINE.

The marked up prices are unacceptable, takoyaki there sells 3x more than what I can buy from my place downstairs and they give is little tako, like what is the point.

Clothes at Cospa says they are on sale, but prices online is pretty much the same or slightly lesser, but even with the shipping, it feels more worth it to buy online.

Maid cafe costs even more than an upscaled restaurant but subpar tasting food. Why bother?

A Lot of Controversies.

Mainly is the organizers allowing people to sell off PIRATED WORKS. This has been a trend for years.

After the event, on Facebook, there will be one or two posts exposing the sellers pirated artwork from Pixiv or Tumblr from online artists WITHOUT paying royalties OR even give credit.

This is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. As an official and professional event, and you allow such activities to take place in your premises, what kind of organizer are you, AFA? Are you all about the money and nothing about the creators?!

Anisong Concert may be great, Prices is enough to do a free and easy trip in Japan.

With such prices, the standing is a given, but seats are “first come first serve” basis.

They do feature a lot of artists, but the prices, I rather spend it on a Japan trip myself, after the two points I mentioned above. I don’t know how much the organizers are getting, and how much the artists are getting. But I got a feeling its 50:50, probably more on the organizer side.

My Local Distributor of Anime Is There Every Year and I Have To Say This.

They absolutely blows. ODEX, I hope you see this.

Anime movies licensed by them, costs 2x more than a normal movie. Even when I pay that much I expect quality subs, but guess what, typos everywhere, inconsistent naming schemes. What is this?

I watched Nanoha Detonation for SGD25 bucks and they throw some mediocre goodies. 3 badges where the safety pins have to be replaced after 10 mins, because of they have zero sense of practicality, an A4 file (like every time they give goodies) and a A3 poster. That’s it.

During this year of AFA, they only pay part-timers SGD8 per hour, and they have to work 12hours (including breaks), meals are provided, but I wonder what kind of shit food they give.

Events here usually pay part-timers SGD 15 and above, and they are only paying 8 bucks and expect them to work 3 days of 12hours. They really think people are that stupid, but people here really are that stupid.

Movies licensed by Purple Plan or Encore Films, can sell tickets at SGD8, which is the market rate here for movies. Why ODEX can’t do the same?

Don’t give me “The Studio Asked For That Price” bullshit, how did Purple Plan and Encore managed to work out with that price?

All you want is money. You don’t throw sales on your Anime discs AT ALL, and you are serving the entire SEA, and you are telling me you are not making money? Ever heard of retrenchment? Start firing people, what kind of distributor needs a lot of employees?!

For those who wanna see how much their shit costs, here you go. Even J-list is sometimes cheaper than this (sorry J-list, I still love you though)

Crowd increases, but same damn location with zero intention to help making this convention a little more pleasant.

The size of the convention hall is the same old place, and they are have no intention in expanding the hall. It really sucks to go. It’s hard to even stop by and buying stuff.

So that’s my rant. I still do go to conventions, this other convention I went to is CharaExpo, again I went to their first year back in 2016. This one is organized Bushiroad, surprisingly. They are pretty well known for milking money.

They only cost 15bucks for 2 days. They allowed buying tickets online, so there is no need to queue and buy. (AFAIK, AFA doesn’t really allow online sales of tickets, or even having early bird prices.)

I get Kurosaki Maon mini concert, Ayano Mashiro mini concert, I also get her autograph (but I spent 99 bucks on a earpiece for that, but it was worth it.)

A lot of seiyuus interview. They even brought Sanzigen in to talk about their 3DCGI animations techniques, it was educational.

And lastly, no ODEX.

I didn’t go last year and this year because of monetary issues, but I will return to that convention one day.

That’s pretty much it for my rant, I really hate AFA now as you can see. I wish there is more anime conventions here to compete again AFA so they won’t get a monopoly. When companies get a certain monopoly, the consumers suffers. I hope you guys understand my standpoint.

Next post will be about the cruise again. Coming in a few days. See you guys then!

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