I took a boat: Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 1

Hey good day! After Hong Kong, I went for another vacation, this time it’s a 4D3N cruise to Penang, Malaysia.

The ship I was taking is Voyager Of The Seas, from Royal Caribbean.

Day 1

So yeah Day 1, it’s all about waiting.

According to the instructions given to us by the travel agent, is that we check in at 12.45pm onwards, because that’s our deck’s check in time. But guess what, people from lower decks already started to check in, making the queue extremely long.

The whole checking in process with the customs took a good 45mins. Well, it is a culture of my country, being competitive in everything, be it beating the queue and stuff. Ugh.

After finally gotten into the ship, the waiting continues. We embark on Deck 4, our statesroom is in Deck 8, so we had to take the lift/elevator. Despite having over 14 lifts/elevators serving the entire ship, we still had to wait for a good 10 mins for a lift to come and to go to our statesroom.

What a long hallway…

Our rooms are near the back of the ship, so we have to walk for quite a decent distance.

But the room was nice.

It was cozy, the room feels as large as a normal hotel room, and I’m surprised that they managed to fit in a sofa into the room.

After unpacking our stuff, we went to Deck 5, which was the shopping mall deck of the ship. The whole street stretches 3/4 of the ship’s overall length, which is considered long. There isn’t much shops on the ship, but the items they sell has too much variety. I find myself being spoiled for choice most of the time.

We then went to the cafe, which gives free sandwiches and free pizzas. They even have unlimited coffee and tea.

It was lunchtime during the time and it’s free food, so the crowd keeps on growing.

They even have Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, I love this ship already.

After grabbing food, we walked around the shopping, while waiting for the Guest Muster Drill (A drill to simulate abandoning ship). The Guest Muster Drill wasn’t much, we just queue at the our respective lifeboats.

After the drill, the crowd were all flocking to enter the ship, so we took the time to go to the back of the ship to look at the scenery for a bit, before entering back the ship.

But then the wait continues, because someone had to be brought to the hospital. Ambulance was at the pier, and saw someone being carried out. This delayed the departure time by about half an hour.


At around 6pm, we finally get to leave. After slacking off in the room for a little too long, it’s time for dinner.

We walked down to Deck 5, the main dining room, since the lifts took forever. Then there was 2 lines, “Guests with Reservation” and “Guests without Reservation”. Naturally, *walks to Guests with Reservation queue*. Actually there wasn’t any queue, we just walk right in.

The whole dining room is 3 decks high, serving the 3000+ guests on board the ship, so you can imagine the queue of the non-reserved guests were.

How dinner works is that they have a menu, you have to pick an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. Simple yet dinner was pretty full.

After that we explored the ship, we played at the arcade, they showed movies at the outdoor pool.

They even played Mission Impossible Fallout. (Sorry for the low quality, it was extremely windy up here)

That’s pretty much it for Day 1, it’s all about familiarization, and lots of waiting.

Day 2 will come in a few days, back to reality which means I’m getting busy again. Day 2 will probably be a lengthier post because Penang.

I will see you guys then!

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