The Story So Far: Boku no Hero Academia: Futari no Hero

Hey hey hey, finally back to writing anime reviews after for quite sometime.

So basically my excuse this time is because my hard disk died. so had to throw it for repairs.

Now that it’s back, time to get the show on the road.

I watched this movie with a friend back when it was premiering here, surprisingly I got it later than my NA peers so, yeah, like a month late. But at least I watched it.

A 97min movie. I would say this is a pretty perfect form of media to adapt. Doing it in a normal episodic anime arc will make it feel very short.


The story picks up from where S2 ended. This movie did adapt this arc pretty much perfectly.

Storyline is entertaining, doesn’t slow down to bore its viewers. But the setting and concept is rather on the generic side. Location and timing is rather predictable, probably because of it’s shonen nature.

Pacing is pretty quick, but not as quick to the point that you will get lost mid-movie. The execution is pretty much flawless, there isn’t much loopholes to really take note of. Character development is definitely out of the window here, there isn’t really much despite new characters were added.

The buildup was actually kind of weak before the final battle. I wish they could really build the hype up even better. The battle itself is pretty much a normal shonen battle, but what makes it so little different is how massive the destruction can really get during battle, and the struggles during a fight against a much more powerful enemy.

The ending was a pretty nicely done, it’s wrapped up pretty much the way it should be. Overall, 97mins is good enough. They paced the story pretty much perfectly, without slow downs or being too fast.


Bones is in-charge again. It looks exactly like the anime inside-out, but I am kind of disappointed that Bones didn’t even try to push it further for the sake of the movie. It doesn’t feel like it has the movie standards.

Keyframes are rather inconsistent. Sometimes we get fluid scenes, and sometimes it’s like watching the anime in my bedroom. But most of the fluid scenes is in combat so at least they got it right.

Colors are pretty much the same as it is, good enough for TV, but not really what I expected in a movie.


The cast is pretty much retained but new characters are voiced by Kimura Ryohei, Namase Katsuhisa, Shida Mirai and Koyama Rikiya.

Pretty much nothing to really comment about, they did their jobs nicely


Story: 8/10
Art: 8/10
VAs: 8/10

Pretty much average scores for me. It wasn’t all THAT great, but it wasn’t bad either. People watch it pretty much for the sake of continuity and also for the shonen feels. If you can’t watch it yet, no worries, just watch S3 as usual, it doesn’t really impact the story a lot. The movie feels like an one-off thing.

So that’s it for me. My next anime movie will be Nanoha Detonation and it will be on Sunday. Review after the movie? I don’t know about that, I’m watching it rather late. But I will be writing on that as soon as I can.

So I will see you guys then!

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