A Little Reflection/Summary of My Hong Kong Trip

Hey hey…

I was busy the whole week, that’s why I didn’t really had time to write… But now that I’m back, let’s get to it

For those who wanna read the posts regarding the entire trip, click here!

My Honest Thoughts About The Trip

I genuinely enjoyed it, I wish I could stay there just 2 days more so I get to go to Macau for a bit. But budget constraints made it kinda hard. 6 Days just for Mongkok/Hong Kong Island isn’t exactly enough. There are a lot of things to do.

The biggest miss for me is that I didn’t get to go to Disneyland, because of my roommate. Even if the ticket is very expensive, like way more expensive that how much it costs for an express ticket for Universal Studios here, but I just want to go there because it’s Disney.

About my roommate behaviour, I will comment about that later.

One of my female friend planned the whole trip out, we didn’t exactly followed the itinerary down to the letter, but we followed most of it. We took some bends with the itinerary because we found quite a lot of interesting spots while walking around.

The Attractions

They are nice, I really love the giant Buddha. Not because I’m buddhist, but I feel like I’m at peace there. Shopping at Hong Kong is also kind of scary. The costs is pretty high there, so I didn’t really buy a lot of stuff. The cable car ride is probably the scariest one for me. The tram ride is also another nightmare. But it’s all part of the experience. The wax museum is probably the most interesting one for me. Especially when I became POTUS for 10 mins.

Public Transport

Public transport in Hong Kong is great, sometimes I feel that it’s better than the ones at home. They do seemed to be more efficient. Changing of lines can be rather long and weird, but the stations are labelled nicely, so it’s easy to navigate around.

The buses are the scary parts of the public transport system, buses here are less powerful and also limited to 60km/h. Hong Kong buses are way more powerful, and sometimes they drive 70-80km/h in an open road, imagine that on a double decker. Another scary incident is that on when we were on Victoria Peak, we couldn’t take the tram down, so we had to take the bus. The bus was literally speeding downhill, on narrow and bendy roads. We even had a near-miss with an oncoming vehicle. The bus drivers there are skilled, but they are scary to a certain extent. Public transport costs isn’t at all cheap, they are about the same as my place, but just a bit cheaper.

The Hotel

The hotel is great, probably one of the best ones I have been to in a long time. The beds are a bit on the stiff side, but I’m used to sleeping on hard beds so that’s fine. The pillows were too soft, had to bring out the extra pillows from the cabinet that were harder. They were soft to the point my head can feel the mattress. The bed size is right smack in the middle of queen and single, so it’s a bit awkward. Its too big for a solo, but small for a duo.

The bath cannot store water at all, after a few mins, I feel the water level dropping, which is why I didn’t use the bath at all. The standing shower is great though, water pressure is sufficient, hot water is also easy to control.

The toilet with the blue water flushing is probably the most peculiar thing I have ever seen in a hotel bathroom.

The room overall isn’t all that spacious, and thank god we only had 2 people in the room. We were thinking of squeeze 3 guys in the room, but my 3rd male friend had other commitments so he couldn’t join.

The 2nd room the girls slept was way more spacious, but they have a small bathroom since they have no standing shower.

Breakfast is great, despite the minimal variations between each day, the food tastes wonderful. Speaking of food…

The Food

It’s just splendid, I took no time at all to get used to the food there. One thing I really like is how exotic their flavours of instant noodles and chips they have. I ended up eating supper every night. But my normal meals were great, from their Western food to Chinese to Japanese, everything tastes different, but a good way. Everything feels new.

Food expenses took up a lot of my budget, and yeah, their food ain’t cheap at all.

So… Regarding that Roommate of Yours…

Ah… the one who prevented the Disneyland trip from happening. What is exactly wrong with him?

He constantly trails behind the group. He wanted to take pictures here and there, he didn’t even tell us to wait for him. We eventually lost him at Tsim Sha Tsui while we were looking at Hong Kong Island’s city lights. He found his way back to the hotel, but still, we had to stop and look for him. I spent 60% of the time outside babysitting him.

He dislikes walking, whenever we suggested to go somewhere a little further or deviate from the itinerary, he complains. When we were at Ocean Park, he didn’t play much of the rides there, he sent him downhill on his own first because we couldn’t stand him and his constant complaining.

My time with him in the hotel room is mad. He takes 2 hour to take a bath, he gives no consideration when he wakes up earlier to eat breakfast. He takes forever to prepare himself too. I also had to babysit him by bringing water for him. I even bought meds for him and get him to eat his meds like a parent. There are more worse things other than this, but it’s going to make this post way too long.

But yeah, my friends altogether decided not to bring him to another overseas trip. Well my friends planned to go to Taiwan by 2020, so yeah, we’ll see how things goes by then.

If there is anything bad about the trip, its probably just him. Otherwise, it’s a great trip overall.

So yeah, that’s my honest thoughts about the trip. My next trip is going to be a 4day 3night cruise! I will be sailing on the 7th of December (my timezone), I will definitely write up a post on that one, after I’m back from the cruise, so more traveling posts inbound.

I have backlogged a lot of anime posts already so normal anime reviews will be back in a few days! See you guys then!

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