My Little Vacation to Hong Kong 2018: Day 6

Hey hey hey, it’s time.

If you missed any of the previous days,click here! The last day of the trip, kind of sad. But everything has to come to an end. There isn’t much pictures in this post because of the sadness of returning home. Day 6 I woke up slightly later for breakfast since it’s the last day, there wasn’t much plans, the flight is at 4 plus?
I got a slight hangover from that.
The sake hit me hard, so slept all the way to 8am. My roommate ate breakfast already, so I ate breakfast with the girls because they woke up late. We basically gossiped about my roommate and everything for breakfast. Everyone didn’t really liked him. Why you asked? I will write it about in the future. I will write a summary post after this one. So yeah, I ate a lot for breakfast since it’s the last one anyway.
After packing my stuff, getting ready to check out. I DON’T LIKE THIS FEELING.
We then went back to Kowloon station. Here is the coolest thing about Hong Kong. You don’t have to go to the airport and queue to check in luggage, you can just check in at Kowloon Station itself! So we don’t need to drag around heavy luggage all the way to the airport. After checking in, we walked around the surrounding shops for some last minute shopping. 
I really don’t wanna go home.
My doggie and Sagiri are ready to go home.
We decided to go to the airport slightly earlier, so we can do some shopping. There are two terminals in the airport, so we have to walked around both terminals.
Pusheen!!! I bought the big one on the right, and 2 of them too. it’s an unicorn Pusheen.
I bought one for my sister and one for my friend. Costs about SGD60+. Not cheap, but the pusheen has light and music so yeah, that’s why it’s a bit more expensive. After that we went to the “Customize-your-cup-noodle” place, but I skipped it because I think I had enough cup noodles for the past 5 days, so was kind of sick of it. My friends went for it though, but at least I can stay outside to take care of our hand luggage. So yeah, went to McDonalds, because we want to try their menu. But guess what. A bunch of Koreans bought 25 sets of Big Mac meals, so we had to wait for 20mins for our own food. Even the workers there had to take a photo.  And thanks to the delay, we had to rush through immigration, bag checks and ran straight to the gates. Even though we were rushing, my friends HAD to go to Starbucks to buy some Christmas cups. Great.
I don’t wanna leave…
The departure took awhile, my friends all fell asleep immediately while the plane takes its time to fly. Because of the dissipated typhoon, the sky has been overcast for the past 2 days, which kind of delayed the departure. I’m so unlucky, I keep getting the sun in my face. The plane this time round isn’t full house, we have empty seats here and there.
I watched Inuyashiki live-action
The flight felt a little more pleasant than Day 1.
Now the sky looks clear, this is above of Vietnam by the way.
I was so impressed with the in-flight meal that I forgot to take a photo of it. It was Mac n’ Cheese, it tastes great but it uses Penne, my favourite type of spaghetti.
But I took a photo of my Haagen-Daas Cookie and Cream, and yes, I drank alcohol again.
After that I watched another movie after Inuyashiki, its so hilarious. What movie you asked? Secret…
No…. I’m reaching home…
So after that 3hr plus flight, I finally landed. The landing felt smoother than how I landed in Hong Kong…
Queued up at my duty free just for a bottle of white wine.
And that officially wraps up my Hong Kong trip! But this post is not over yet! I will be writing my honest opinions and reflections of the trip in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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