My Little Vacation to Hong Kong 2018: Day 5

Hey, it’s me again.

If you missed any of the previous days, click here!

Time flies and it’s Day 5 already. Today is a day that hits home. We went to the history, science and space museum.

Day 5

Today we skipped the hotel breakfast, eating there for 4 mornings with very little variations with the menu really made us feel a little sick, so we went out. And thank god I managed to sleep in a little longer. We went out to have breakfast instead.

I love Hong Kong buses…

So yeah, we went to erm… Jordan? Not the country. No, not you Jordan. It’s an actual place in HK.

Well, Hong Kong were a British Colony, so yeah… Wasn’t surprised.

The breakfast place though.

Queue already in the morning?! Sigh

But the queue wasn’t all that unpleasant.

OH KITTY!!!! oh never mind.

The kitty was so obedient and needy too. Ahhh so jealous, I want one. As for the breakfast place…

Ironic, I know.

The place was crammed, crowded and slightly messy. The service is pretty bad, but bearable and understandable. After ordering our food, they all came in under 30seconds. I’m not kidding, it really came in under 30 seconds, despite the crowd.

I also got a bottle of milk to match the two. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING. The eggs is probably one of THE best scrambled eggs I ever tasted. I regretted not putting in any salt and pepper. The macaroni isn’t all THAT nice, but the ham saved it.

Probably one of the best breakfast I ever had. I don’t mind eating there everyday. The queue was worth it.

After that we went to the museums, I didn’t really take a lot of pictures, I was too engrossed and fascinated.

How optic fibers work… THIS IS THE ONE THAT RUNS OUR INTERNET (Science Museum)

A rocket launched?! (Space Museum)
The rocket is launching…

We spent half the day hopping around the three museums, my favourite museum is probably the history museum. I always have a certain level of love for history. It really gave me a lot of in-depth about how HK went to the UK and everything.

After the museums, we went to shopping malls at Olympian. Doing some instant noodle shopping…

But I ended up looking at coffee instead.
Finally! Starbucks in HK!!! Their Christmas menu is kinda weird.

We then had dinner at Tim Ho Wan. Yeap, their menu is totally different from what I have in SG.

That was pretty much it for the night. My friends went to Temple Street, but I chose not to go because I was tired and I was thinking of finishing that bottle of sake alone in the room.

So yeah, I spent my night watching Netflix with my sake bottle. And then knocked out after.

I love the housekeeping around here.

My Shibainu is on the chair when I left, and the housekeeping placed it on my bed too! We have 2 beds but somehow the housekeeper knew which bed it belongs to!

That’s pretty much it for Day 5. It was a rather badly planned day, because the original itinerary ends after the museum trip, the rest are all impromptu.

I’m sorry that the post got shorten a lot. I really took this day more onto myself, didn’t really take a lot of pictures.

Day 6 will be the final day as I return home that day. But it’s still an action packed day! So stay tuned!

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