My Little Vacation to Hong Kong 2018: Day 4

Hey hey

It’s time again, for another Hong Kong post. Day 4 of 6 by the way if you are wondering. Today’s post will be rather long and excited too.

If you are new here and want to start reading from Day 1, click here.

So let’s get it started.

Day 4

Today we are going to Hong Kong Island itself, FINALLY. But before we go, breakfast is a must!

The pancakes tastes weird too. It’s also uneven, sometimes you get massive ones, sometimes you can tiny ones. To cover up the pretty horrid taste, I had to flood the pancakes with loads of maple syrup. The only upside is probably the quick 1 min wait for 1 pancake.

After the breakfast, we immediately hit the MTR and took a 30min train ride. And we are in Hong Kong Island.

The place gave me a lot of movie feels. The tram, the streets, the narrow alleys, everything. Ahh. The itinerary for today is to walk around Hong Kong (technically) for a bit and then go to Victoria Peak for a fun time.

The whole place is set on a foot of a mountain so the more deeper you explore, the steeper the roads got. After climbing like halfway up the mountain(?), we stopped by a cafe.

Looks pleasant.

It’s a very tiny cafe, we were lucky there was not much people inside. It may look rather dull, but woah the menu.

This place is looks like a solid place for a date. Too bad I’m not dating, the place tingles my romance senses all over. We litereally sat there for a solid 40mins. Because it was still early, and our ride to the peak was at 3pm.

After the destroying the peace in the cafe with our constant chattering and laughter, we left and start to walk to Hong Kong station to meet with our tour guide.

Mhmm, looks like Hong Kong to me.

We then met the tour guide, our guide only brings us to the tram station to go to the peak. We have express tickets AGAIN, so heh, SKIPPING DA QUEUE.

It’s not that bad, the queue lasted for about 20mins, but the more unpleasant part is IN the tram.

It is steep and scary.

Getting in the tram was hard, with the immense crowd. There were no seats left, so we had to stand. The whole tram is on a gradient, so we have to lean back on poles and walls so that we wont fall to the back of the tram. It’s incredibly steep. The 2nd scary thing is that the tram has stops mid-journey to pick up other passengers, during the braking, the tram will shake front and back. Cold sweat all over the journey. It was very shaky, a lot of metal clanking and it vibrates violently. Not fun.

Eventually, we reached the top, finally. Getting out of the tram was difficult too, the crowd just makes the journey harder everyday.

After reaching the Peak Tower, the first thing is to go to the wax gallery.

Creepy Robert Pattinson in a corner.

The wax figures looks incredible, some even looked better than the person themselves.

I didn’t really take a lot of pictures because I was too engrossed with the wax figures… They all looked wonderful.

There was quite a few politicians. The anime section wasn’t all inspiring at all. Only 2 series I know.

That’s pretty much it for the wax museum. The whole museum is consists about 3 floors. Now we went for some afternoon snack.

The view is great already, and we haven’t even reach to the top of the tower.

We went to a cafe out of the entrance of the wax gallery.


If you know me long enough, I love matcha, I will pick anything matcha in a heartbeat. And this is Matcha Shaved Ice with Soy Milk… Looks… unique for sure. It was a great dessert. I had some basic condensed milk toast to match with the dessert. Not the best matches but it works out somehow.

After the snack, it’s time for us to go to the top of the tower. Had to go up like 6 floors.

PSA: Typhoon Yutu was on its way to Hong Kong during my trip, it didn’t really hit HK, it dissipated later at night. But the clouds were thick and winds were pretty dangerous, hitting 130km/h. I didn’t take a lot of photos at the top is because it was crowded, finding the perfect place to take pics of the scenery was hard. And also the winds were strong and cold, I don’t wanna drop my phone and glasses. Sorry for the poor photography too, it was so overcast that sunlight was pretty dim.

Looking at Downtown Hong Kong and Tsim Sha Tsui.
The afternoon shots. of the sea.
The evening lights…

I was literally wrapped up in my hoodie during the session, it felt so damn cold. It was getting even more crowded as the night fell so we decided to exit the mountain. BUT… the tram queue is 2hours long, and there is no express queue available. What can we do? Take the public bus instead. The queue is indeed shorter, but… the ride was incredibly scary.

I really have to commend the bus drivers in Hong Kong, they are really damn skilled. The ride down was about an hour plus, and the road was windy and twisted and narrow. There were a lot of near-miss incidents with on-coming traffic during the descend. We were riding on a packed double-decker bus, so tilting during corners were incredibly scary.

After the pretty horrific ride, we went to eat dim sum for dinner, yeah, 4 days in, finally get to eat dimsum.

The queue was 20mins but the downside is, it’s incredibly crammed. It’s like an improvised shop.

We ordered a lot and had to rush eat because there was a queue outside so we didn’t want to make anyone outside wait any longer.

After dinner, we returned to the hotel, but I was craving for alcohol. So I bought a small bottle of sake.

This one isn’t really cheap, but it was worth it.

Probably one of the best casual sake I bought and it’s not as dry as I thought. And also you can drink it right off the bat at room temperature. But I chose to chill it.

I took a shower after reaching the hotel and it was pretty cold. The alcohol was rather potent, I find myself turning red-faced and self-heating after 30mins.

After the alcohol took over, I created this.

Yakult + Sake. Idk why is the stirrer there.

Yeah, crazy me taking over. I also matched it with my newly bought instant yakisoba, so it was a great supper. Our regular supper is either chips or instant noodles. Hong Kong’s flavours of chips and noodles are amazing. I’m spoiled for choice every single time I went to their supermarkets.

So yeah, that’s it for Day 4. It’s probably one of the most adventurous and eventful day so far. But i love it, I really enjoyed this trip.

Day 5 will come eventually, I don’t know if I can finish it by tomorrow, but eventually.

I will see you guys soon!

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