My Little Vacation to Hong Kong 2018: Day 3


Oh hi. It is time.




If you didn’t read the previous days, click here!

Today will be a shorter one because the whole day is only about Ocean Park and some other slight minor things at night.


Day 3


Oh looky.

Yeap, Ocean Park. We had to wake up a little more early, because we had to change lines and then travel to the other side of Hong Kong Island. The train took about 30mins.

The good thing is we bought tickets in advance and also we can go through the express lane so NO QUEUES AHAHAHAHA.

After reaching there, first thing we did is to go uphill.


I’m actually surprised, there is quite a bit of people already at 8.30am when we reached there.

We had to go uphill to go to the amusement park. There is two modes, cable car or tram. To escape the fear I developed the day before, we went to the tram.

The tram ride was slow, bumpy and noisy.


Before spoopy mode, after spoopy mode.

After 15mins, we reached the top.


Save me…

My friends rode two roller coasters then eventually we went to see some animals.



Yeap, we went to the arctic side of the park. So let the pictures to all the talking for now.


That’s an Arctic Fox.


Sorry for the poor photographs. My excuse is that there is a lot of people cucking my perfect shots. And also I’m not a great photographer.

THAT ASIDE, the enclosures are great, we picked the best timing because the trainers were feeding the animals that’s why we can get them to gather around to take pictures.

We start to play at the amusement parks. Rode a lot, had a lot of fun. Too much fun to the point I forgot to take pictures.


This was the first ride we took, was scared because my plus sized friend is with me, so we were strangely swung slightly higher than the others. Great view at the top, but still spooked by the experience.

We then moved to a scenery tower.


Some simple shots I took. Pardon the horrible photography.


A selfie while inside the tower.


When we exited the lift, guess what happened, it immediately closed for maintenance. So I jokingly said that the plus sized mates destroyed the ride. The running joke that lasted for quite awhile because when we were going down the mountain, ITS STILL UNDER MAINTENANCE.

But yeah, kinda funny.

What’s next? More rides. I took the Samsung Galaxy Note8 VR roller coaster which I AM NOT A BIG FAN OF. Just when I thought the VR goggles will help with the fear of steep downhills, GUESS WHAT, IT ACTUALLY MADE IT WORSE, because of the suspense. You have no idea when the downhill is going to start, so my HR is higher than my usual roller coaster mood.

The VR acts as a game for you to shoot zombies or demons, I don’t know, but I do know for a fact that I scored 3900 points. I don’t know if that’s a great score or not, but still got over the ride.

And also it was the last day of October when we were in Ocean Park, so guess what, HAUNTED HOUSES.


I am not particularly thrilled about the setting.

Hospital setting haunted house. We had a lot of people made a major u-turn just 10 seconds after entering, everyone got even more scared. We also went to a circus themed one, but that wasn’t scary.

But after going in, I immediately entered kuudere mode and everything was fine. Didn’t scream, wasn’t scared. Totally fine.

Then the classic swinging pirate ship. I’M NOT A FAN OF HIGH SPEED DOWNHILL STUFF IN GENERAL OKAY. But I will still ride it and then question myself why am I a masochist.

Since the whole theme park is on a mountain, we have to walk uphill and downhill to go to certain rides, which is tiring, especially since we walked non-stop since reaching the place.

After all the rides, we went to the games section where I won a Shibainu plushie (pictures later) and clipped it at the back of my bag. I suddenly became a 15 year old kid by doing that. Someone actually thought I was that young, no kidding, just by doing that.

After that, it was already 4pm. Time to get down the mountain, and OH MY GOD the crowd grew tremendously. Everyone is desperately trying to go up, and luckily we exited at the right timing, because the amount of people going down is so much lesser.

Reached ground zero, PANDA TIME.


But wait, THERE’S MORE.



There were otters and others too. Ahh it’s an animal wonderland. After all that walking, we didn’t even ate lunch because the prices here are horrendous, so we setting for afternoon tea instead, because we eating ramen later.

We went to a cafe, NOT TO ANY ORDINARY CAFE.



Actually it’s not ALL that Sanrio-themed, but yeah. It’s decent.


The cafe looks okay.

I ate cookies and some Portuguese Egg tarts, matching with a cup of Earl Grey Tea. And then I start consuming my food like a British individual. The food is actually decent, tea was pretty normal, because Lipton tea bag. Pricing is pretty okay.

After that short tea time, it is time





Yeap, we ate at Ichiran. Because we went during peak hours, we have to eat on solo tables.


Nice shoes.

What are solo tables? Basically, if you are lonely, you can eat in like a box, or maybe, half a box.

Funny thing, I ordered with that paper, circled everything with a red pen, but the 2nd piece of paper has it in blue. Weird.


Ramen, the plate on the side is part of a package with additional condiments.

They gave a lot of customizable options, and I regretted horribly for not going all out with the heavy broth, my soup ended up being a little too bland for my taste.

And of course, I ordered my kaedama.

They spoke Japanese in the ramen bar, and I went full weeb and spoke Japanese as well, the itadakimasu, the after meal thanks, everything.

What did I drink you ask?

You won’t believe this.



Yeap, you heard me, Matcha Beer. Matcha with Asahi. It tastes disappointing, because the beer totally destroyed the matcha flavour, either way, the extra HKD20 isn’t that bad.

I ended up paying the most at the end of the meal. Well, money well spent, but yeah, should have been more brutal with the thickness of my broth.

The night is still young and it’s also the last day of October, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui, the harbour to look at Hong Kong Island at night.



More movie looking Hong Kong.


The Big Ben of Hong Kong?

After that, while we were on our way back to the hotel, we bumped into something… familiar…



Ah, Hot Star Massive Chicken Cutlets.

Got the ordinary one, since wasn’t in the mood for any fancy flavors. Finally back to the hotel, had a quick shower and immediately dozed off in bed.


I’m not sleeping alone in my bed that night.

A Gift From A Friend


My friend went to Bangkok and gave me a late birthday present.

My friend had went to Bangkok like a week before she came with us to Hong Kong. But what is it? Stay tuned to my future Hong Kong posts.


So yeah, that’s it for Day 3, probably one of the best days during the trip. As for Day 4, if I can do it, I will publish it tomorrow, because such posts are pretty time consuming to produce, probably one of THE most time consuming post series I have ever produced so far.

I also want to thank you guys for your support of the posts so far, it’s been heartwarming to see.

I will see you guys soon with Day 4.




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