My Little Vacation to Hong Kong 2018: Day 2


Good day.

I’m really surprised with the response you guys gave on my Day 1 post. I’m really glad that you guys liked it, so here I come with the Day 2 post.

For those who missed my first day post, click here.

Day 2

Ah, waking up at 7am, never felt so… TIRED.


Nothing beats a wonderful morning breakfast at the hotel.

My friends wanted to go to Kowloon Station to walk around. The plan is to go to the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, but it only starts in the afternoon, so we had time to do some window shopping before the main event of the day.

The station is massive, there is a shopping mall sitting on top of it, there’s the airport express trains, there’s the normal MTR line underground and the bus terminal.

After eating breakfast, went back to my bed, shower and then dozed off for 20mins, until they woke me up and it’s time to go.

I carried a lot of stuff, including 4 bottles of water, so my bag was the heaviest out of everyone, but no regrets.


Taken inside the airport shuttle bus, en route to Kowloon, everyday here feels like I’m in a TVB drama.

The streets were tight, and the traffic was dense, which is why our bus wasn’t a coach. Imagine a coach navigating the alley-like streets and worse than LA traffic.

But after the bus ride, we reached Kowloon. The shopping mall is extremely classy, with brands like Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors… I feel like a small human there.

But the one thing I managed to capture…







Managed to take a pic of Hong Kong Island. Looks like the Hong Kong I see in the movies! So hyped, but calm down, we are going there on Day 4, so stay tuned to that.


Me and the crew. I’m the left guy with the glasses. (in case you don’t know)

After the phototaking, we continued the walk around…


When I first saw this shop, I thought it was Senran Kagura… BUT HEY, I found a Mystic Messenger Cafe on Day 1, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AT THIS POINT.

After the rather lengthy and slow window shopping session, we took the train to Tung Chung station, walked a little bit to the cable car station.


This is probably something i have to get used to… long queues…

The queue took us an hour, then finally got the tickets…


Oh look! My armband to go to the cable car, and the crystal cabin…

Just when I thought our troubles are over…



Well, at least it’s better than the standard cabin where the queue is even longer. So, what’s the difference between the standard and the crystal you may ask?



Yeap, so basically that, and slightly shorter waiting times. It costs like a few bucks more, so I guess it’s kind of worth it?

BUT IMAGINE THIS. Two slightly plus sized humans, being very active in the cabin while it’s ascending, I suddenly developed a fear of height.




Took some pretty badly captured picture of the entrance to the under-sea tunnel of the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao highway.

After that eventful 25 minute dramatic ride, reached the Ngong Ping Village.




Everyone was hungry, so we went to a random restaurant and ate some roasted food. I picked Honey Glazed Char Siew (The one on the right). The one on the left is a platter of different roasts. The whole place is extremely overpriced, well, it’s a place to kind of rip off tourists so I’m not surprised.

The food isn’t all THAT bad, it was actually pretty decent, but the price is meh.


It’s already huge looking from afar.

After lunch, there were shops around and we walked around here and there.


Yes, there is roaming cows. Be careful not to step on their poopies.

We then walked to the The Big Buddha and climbed the stairs. Me with the heavy backpack managed to reach the top first, kudos to my ex-military training with my 40kg equipment. Literally double stepping the stairs like a champ.

The rest were already struggling after 2 flight of stairs.


Taken from the top, it is pretty high but steepness isn’t really that bad.

The view here is magnificent. You can see the valley and the sea from the North and South.

To be honest, I feel like pointing the ground and say everyone looks like ants from here, but hehe, I’m not that ballsy.


It is massive now that we are upclose.



It was a rather sunny day so everything looked beautiful. Despite the glaring sun, the wind feels cool so I didn’t break a sweat going up.


Another selfie opportunity. Looks like the sun was too strong in the background (Taken with an iPhone 7 Plus btw)

While everyone is taking pictures of themselves and the scenery, I stood around looking at the sea like some emo guy in class.

After that we had to, of course, go down, which took them awhile, because their legs are trembling from climbing up. That happened to me when I climbed the Great Wall of China.

After going down, we went to the Po Lin Monastery. Didn’t take pictures there because I’m a not-so-devout Buddhist and also for the sake of respecting the place. Did my prayers there and it’s already getting late.

While walking back, we start shopping for souvenirs and stopped by a little place for dessert.


It’s Black Sesame Paste by the way, not some black magic stuff.

I love it, it’s thick, unlike the watery ones I ate back at home.

After dessert, more shopping continues.


Someone sponsor me so I can go on a Yuru Camp trip solo.

And eventually, the sun starts to set and time to get off the plateau.


I’m starting to get used to it.

And we picked the time when everyone also wants to get off the mountain. The queue is slightly shorter this time, the standard cabin waiting time is about 45mins, but we got on in about 25mins.

Then another nightmare glass floor ride down. The funny thing is that there is a Korean couple that we shared our cabin with, the wife is EXTREMELY scared of heights so she was in panic mode the entire way down, it’s funny.

We then walked to the small mall above Tung Chung station for a bit to do some grocery window shopping before taking the train back to the hotel. Supper during the trip is pretty much either chips or instant ramen. LOL.

Then 2 train transfers and 30min train ride later, finally reached the hotel. Everyone was full and decided to skip dinner. I chose to eat dinner myself at the mall below the hotel.



Ramen with beer. It costs pretty on par with my place, except there is no GST here so it is slightly cheaper.

With an excessively full stomach later, I bought Listerine at a store because I ran out already, and back to my hotel room. Shower and bed I go.






End of fun fact.


I guess it’s a way to help ease the housekeeping job on the toilet, and also to prevent odor for those who had explosive diarrhea.


So yeah that’s it for my rather eventful Day 2. Some face reveals here and there. Wasn’t really tiring, in fact I feel refreshed because of the fresh mountain air.

Day 3 will be pretty interesting so stay tuned to that if you are enjoying this little series so far. See you guys then!




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