My Little Vacation To Hong Kong 2018: Day 1 (Edited)


Obviously I have to blur things out for privacy reasons

So hey, I promised this post for quite awhile. I had a lot of data to process and also having some after-vacation depression so I decided to take a week to write this one out.

For those who didn’t know (or probably didn’t really care), I went to Hong Kong on the 29th last month for a 6 day vacation with some of my IRL friends.

It’s been a long time since I took a vacation without my family. (10 years in fact, the last time I travelled without them was a student exchange programme, so I went to Jakarta for about 6 days also.)

I packed my luggage on Saturday, literally 2 days before the trip. Wew, last min me again.


It looks small, but it’s actually average for one person. It expandable too so yeah.

Didn’t really take long to pack everything, probably half a day.

Then comes Sunday night, I have to wake up 4am Monday morning, but I spent my night watching Netflix because I was too hyped to sleep.

This always happens to me when something exciting or nerve-wrecking is going to happen the next day. So basically I “woke” up at 4am, brushed my teeth and everything.


Monday morning, extremely lethargic, but extremely excited.

So I left the house with my parents at about 4.45am, to one of the finest airports in the world, Changi International Airport. And I took the flight with Cathay Pacific, so I’m departing from the newest Terminal 4.

Got there, first thing is going to McD for breakfast. I also collected the overseas wifi router, which is why I can update my social media while I was there. It’s pretty cheap, the whole trip costs like SGD19 for the router with the SIM card.

The airport at 5am is really eerie and quiet, despite the bright LED billboards and lights. Since its the newest terminal, everything is replaced with machines. Checking in with the machine is an absolute pain, with laggy machines. The luggage check in was a nightmare as a slight deviation with the position from the scanner will make it unable to detect the luggage tag.

The whole check in took 20 mins. Supposed to be faster than manual check-in counters, but ended up being an absolute bummer.

And what’s worst is that my backpack, the one which is supposed to be my hand luggage, the zipper snapped, so I had to go to the transit area to buy a 50bucks Adidas bag to replace it.

Then after hanging around with the rather small transit shopping area, I had to grab some Coffee Bean, since there is no Starbucks in there, because the sleepless night is starting to burn me out already.

And finally it’s time to board the plane.

Day 1 Commences


This was the breakfast offered during the flight, not bad if you ask me.

The plane is a Boeing 777-300, with a seating arrangement of 2-4-2. I sat on the right window seat. It was extremely unpleasant, because it’s sunrise, and sun is literally shining into the cabin from my window, so I had to close the window nearly the entire flight.

I used my laptop for a bit, then I went to my infotainment system to watch Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun live action. Their system has a lot of the latest movies and songs, even movies that only started showing in Japan in just a month ago. I love it.

During random moments took some picture of the clouds. I also took some pictures of the new Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao Bridge.

The flight was comfy, but I couldn’t sleep again, so I went all out with getting a can of beer from the attendant. Yeap, drinking at 9am in the morning, healthy start.

The flight was 3hr plus. Felt rather short, I was expecting it to be a little longer.

After landing, we had to take a short train ride to the immigration terminal. The customs also took awhile to clear, because the line is literally like an Apple Store whenever a new iPhone is released.

But eventually we got out, and “Yay! I’m in Hong Kong!

To be honest, I was planning to take my shades out to act like a celebrity exiting the gates. But I was too lazy to take my shades out. LOL

Had to take the airport express train to Kowloon, and from there take a free hotel shuttle bus to our hotel.

The train took 30mins, but the shuttle bus took us an hour to wait. The bus was just a small bus too, I was expecting an actual coach. The bus ride also took another 30mins off. And eventually, WE FINALLY REACHED THE HOTEL, but wait, there’s more.

The hotel check-in TOOK US 40MINS. I don’t know why, but probably because my friend made amendments to our booking so that we can save 200 bucks and also have complementary hotel breakfast. The previous booking was better rooms, but no breakfast, and I was like “Wtf, so we have to wake up early just to go out and eat breakfast?!” Luckily my friend had a little bit of common sense and made changes. We just don’t get any minibar stuff, which was fine.

Edit: There was a minor detail I missed out!

After the hotel check-in, the keycard failed, so we had to go back down to get it sorted. It was a Monday and the amount of people checking in and out of the hotel were massive.

We had to wait for another 20mins to get the keycard sorted. This is probably my worst hotel check-in so far.

The room gives us 2 Queen size beds and a choice of standing shower or a bathtub. The females room didn’t get the standing shower, BUT, their bedroom is bigger than ours. Give and take. Oh yeah btw, there is a blind beside the bathtub, so you can pull up the blind and you can see the bedroom from inside, or vice versa. NO THANKS, I AM NOT GONNA PULL THAT ONE UP.

The hotel we stayed in is in Mong Kok East. It’s a great location because below us literally a bus terminal, a bunch of bus stops, a subway/train station and a mall! WOOHOO.


That’s the view outside the room, the pool is just 2 floors below.

The beds felt like they are smaller than Queen, but it’s more than enough to sleep one person.

So at that point it was already 3.30pm. We landed in Hong Kong at 10, and we took 5 hours and a half JUST TO GET INTO OUR HOTEL ROOM. WHAT?!

But the day didn’t just end there.

I took a shower and we had to leave for dinner. But first we went to different malls to shop. Regretted at some shops because didn’t went for the purchase

Yes I wore slippers, yes I didn’t buy those little plushies and extremely regretted. The coolest thing is a PURE NAMCO ARCADE AHHHH.

After window shopping is done, we were mulling over where to eat, eventually, we just ate at their “canteen”. I ate Coco Ichibanya curry… rice.


The rice is already in the omurice, but I ordered extra rice, because I was hungry.

After dinner, we went to Ladie’s Street, one of the longest shopping streets I have ever been to, and yeah, 90% of the stuff is for ladies, so I felt kind of left out there. Didn’t take any pics, because was pretty uninterested.


This much mess was made in under half a day in the hotel. This is what happens when two guys stay in one hotel room.

We finally returned back to the hotel at 9. Extremely tired, I quickly took another shower and glomps the bed. I was extremely bushed. I was surprised I can last for 2 days without sleep with this much walking involved.

That’s pretty much it for Day 1. I think I will write each day individually because after going through with the contents of the trip, I have too many to write each day.

I was originally planned to write the entire trip in one post or 2 posts, but I ended up rambling too much, making the post WAY longer than it should.

I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed the trip. I will write Day 2 in the coming days so stay tuned!

9 responses to “My Little Vacation To Hong Kong 2018: Day 1 (Edited)

  1. I feel like I haven’t visited your blog in a while…

    I’ve been to HK twice so far, but because some of my extended family is there and I grew up with the languages of the place, my experience of the place is markedly different to an ordinary tourist’s…so it’s interesting to see how other people experience it. Since you mention cup noodles for dinner so much, did you go to the customise-your-own-noodles place in the airport?

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