11.11 Single’s Day 2018: What Did I Buy For Myself.


Hello, it’s another IRL post, but it’s not Hong Kong.

So yeah, for those who doesn’t know what 11th November is, it’s called Single’s Day. It kind of originated from China, but it spread towards various parts of the world. My place do kind of celebrate this, but we celebrate it by buying lots of stuff online, because a lot of online stores will be throwing in a lot of sales.

And I have to celebrate it, because I am in fact, erm, single. This year I bought a lot of stuff. In fact, every year, things gets more and more expensive so…


Sony MDR-XB950N1 Extra Bass Noise Cancelling Headphones.


My evolution of Sony Headphones: (Left-to-Right) MDR-XB920, MDR-XB950BT, MDR-XB950N1

My BT died for over a year, and I need a set of Bluetooth headphones, so I bought the N1, while it was on sale for about 50 bucks off.

The headphones are comfy, way more comfy than the BT, but the real reason why I bought the N1 is the noise cancelling.

It’s not perfect NC, but it still gets the job done. The bass feels so pumpy that my earlobes vibrate from the bass boost. There is even an app to tune the audio, like the sound stage and the bass intensity. It’s solid.

Money well-spent? Not really, people usually don’t really care about the audio quality like I do. But for me, it’s so worth.


Ultimate Ears MegaBoom


Megaboom on the left, JBL Charge 2+ on the right.

Well, why did I choose to replace my JBL?

The rubber is starting to get sticky and the battery doesn’t last for more than 5 hours now, so it’s time for a change.

The UE sounded more uniform, I can hear music from wherever I am in the room. The 360 degree sound from the UE is fantastic. The JBL is only front firing so the sound isn’t as uniform. I will miss the bass reflex from the JBL though. But even without the bass reflex from the JBL, UE still sound adequately bassy.

UE is also waterproof, my Charge 2+ is only splashproof. I can buy the Charge 3 but I bought the UE at the price of the Charge 3.

Besides, I get a quick charger from my UE to quick charge my phone. Megaboom is at the level of JBL Xtreme 1/2, but Xtreme is just too heavy and way too bulky. Charge 3 takes longer to charge too.

Because MegaBoom 3 is coming, that’s why Megaboom is so cheap here.

UE also offered an app, which offered equalizer tuning and also an alarm.

I love it, another worthy spending.


Harukana Receive Merch



This one actually I ordered back in August, but something delayed the shipping for over a month.

The mug delayed my shipping because CDJapan had to get one from the supplier and it took a month. The mug is solid, cute but a bit smaller than I expected.


And also bought the CDs. I love the songs.

So yeah, that’s pretty much the stuff I bought for myself. Do you guys celebrate Single’s Day? Do you guys spoil yourself with gifts? Tell me down in the comment section down below.

The Hong Kong post will come eventually, don’t worry about that.

So I will see you guys soon!


2 responses to “11.11 Single’s Day 2018: What Did I Buy For Myself.

  1. OMG harukana receive! 😀 So happy someone else loves this underrated show, and the OST is honestly one of the best of the year, I even have the song Rise as my alarm clock xD

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  2. Over here we just have Remembrance Day, which is for remembering the people who died in WW1 and 2. So I didn’t buy anything special for myself or really do anything that special. Went out and played soccer, came home and watched anime then played Overwatch, that’s it. Glad you enjoyed your Single’s Day though. Maybe next year we won’t have to celebrate it.

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