Will The Netflix Adaptation Meme Live On?: Bleach (Netflix)

Yo, the post grind never ends…

So yeah, let’s take a change of pace and give this one a chance.

With a runtime of 148mins with a pretty decent attempt to kick off the first arc.

Well, I saw this film when I signed up for Netflix and pretty much picked it up in a heartbeat.


The Story Isn’t So Bad

The writing tried to be faithful to the source, but certain elements made it kind of hard for them to keep the train rolling.

I would say surprisingly for Netflix, they are actually doing pretty well.

The story embraced the Japanese side a lot, rather than erasing their legacy and blend in some American culture to alienate everyone. Kudos to Netflix for letting a lot of Japanese producers take charge.

The character developments pretty much got skipped here, a lot of the side characters got sidelined big time at the 2nd half. Even Uryu who is supposed to be one of the pivotal characters here, looked like just a vigilante.

Pacing is pretty decent, not too slow, but I do find the buildup a tad bit slow, and the climax to be even slower, especially for it’s rather weak buildup.

The Byakuya scenes were sleek, fast and straight to the point to show the ability difference.

The ending is rather badly wrapped, feels like the whole movie’s main point is just a sham. If this movie doesn’t get a sequel, it will really be a sham.

Despite the flaws, I generally find it a decent movie. Not really great by all means, but at least they made an effort.


Character Portrayal and Cast a Mixed Bag,

Ichigo (Fukushi Sota) looks fine, his behaviour is rather parallel with the anime, but the others…

Orihime (Mano Erina) looks great, behaves too much like an “ojou”.
Chad (Koyonagi Yu) is too cold, such a pity they can’t find a proper guy to portray his Mexican heritage.
Rukia (Sugisaki Hana) looks too… weird (?) to fit the role, her face when she does the slight tsun behaviour can be rather hard to swallow.
Renji (Saotome Taichi) looked too much like an alley gangster, behaves like a delinquent too.
Byakuya (Miyavi) talks too much and I wished he is more lifeless in his speech and body language. But he’s probably the most accurate looking guy around, behind Ichigo.
Uryu (Yoshizawa Ryo) looks pretty much decent overall.

Not trying to nitpick, but they did their best here.



Story: 8/10

Music: 8/10

Character Portrayal: 8.5/10

Cast: 8/10

Recommended? I’m not really sure about this one, can be hard to recommend, but I think will still enjoy this one despite the flaws.


So yeah that’s it for me for now. I will see you guys in a bit.



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