The Story So Far…: Boku no Hero Academia (Season 1)

Oh hi, well. Looks like I’m part of the mainstream bandwagon now.

I started this show way late in the game, I only started to watch S1 late last year, then took my time with S2 and had to rush through S3 just because I need to watch the movie, despite the timeframe of the movie is in-between S2 and S3.

Honestly, I’m not THAT big of a fan compared to my mates, but I do enjoy the show, and I am quite hyped about S4. And if they keep up with the momentum, and not drastically change the formula, they can pretty much keep doing it all the way till the manga ends.

I just finished watching the movie yesterday (at the point of this writing), now I am waiting for S4 next year April.

I will be writing this season by season. Yes I am milking this one very hard. This and One Punch Man is probably the only shonen shows that I really dedicate my time and love.

Season 1 is only 13 eps, I wish they could just follow the rest of the other seasons and just do 25 episodes. But I think Bones didn’t expect this show to have such a success that now they dedicate all of their efforts to do the rest of the manga.


Story Is Pretty Much a Shonen’s Wet Dream

Extremely useless MC? Checked.
A Benefactor of said MC? Checked.
Benefactor giving MC power? Checked.


Nah not really.

The introduction do turn out to be generic, BUT the later stages is pretty much new stuff all across the board.

The story keeps me entertained pretty much every episode, they did a pretty good job with the pacing and timing the episodes. With only 13 eps, they grasped the timing pretty perfectly. It’s refined and they got the formula right.

Plot twists here and there, shonen plot twists but a lot of them felt very unexpected. It’s great, I really can’t pinpoint any faults here.

Character developments are pretty great, already setting stages for the characters to do something epic.

The climax is pretty great, nice buildup, near perfect execution, but I wish there was a little more drama, just to fuel the shonen adrenaline.

The ending pretty much set the queue for S2 so yeah.


But Bakugo is just straight up annoying.


Animations Do Raise Some Eyebrows

Bones is in-charge of the animation side of things. For a 2016 show, they seemed to be struggling with certain combat scenes.

The character designs is pretty much perfect in every way. Colors used in the show is vibrant. It’s eye-pleasing to watch at every episode.

Nothing to really nitpick about to be honest.


OST is probably my fav

The OST is just well-composed. I really love it. Not feeling the OPs and EDs though.


Cast list is just massive.

The list is great, a good mixture of newbies and veterans.

Miyake Kenta, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Ishikawa Kaito, Yamashita Daiki, Sakura Ayane, Inuyama Inuko, Suwabe Junichi, Otsuka Akio, Kuwano Kousuke, Kitamura Eri, Yuuki Aoi, Matsuda Shuuhei, Ogami Shunnosuke, Shimamura Yuu, Murakami Yuya, Nazuka Kaori, Shindou Kei, Hatanaka Tasuku, Watanabe Akeno, Kawakami Aya, Hirohashi Ryou, Uchiyama Kouki, Kaji Yuki, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Inoue Marina.

It’s a solid list. Nobuhiko suits that irritating Bakugo nicely. Aoi with the froggy voice also sounds pretty great. Best voice is probably Inoue Marina for me.


For some reason I like Toru. What is wrong with me.



Story: 8/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 9/10

Highly recommended for all shonen or young-at-heart humans to watch.

I will be writing future seasons at my own pace, since I have time till S4 comes anyway. For now, I rush Index II to watch Index III so I can feel relevant.

3 responses to “The Story So Far…: Boku no Hero Academia (Season 1)

  1. I have enjoyed this anime more than other popular Shonen shows. Guess I can attribute that to my fondness for superheroes.

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  2. This post made my day. I’m glad you appreciate the unique sides of this shounen series. I know it’s pretty generic, but it’s absolutely amazing how it easily catches the heart of the audience. Deku is one reason to love the series. His introduction was truly inspiring. I honestly think he was pretty boring at first but eventually surprises the shounen universe that he isn’t just a “generic” one, but rather a newly created protagonist who executes its own unique way. I agree that the character development is a notable thing. It doesn’t only focus on Deku and his fatherly relationship with All Might, but each of them makes a decent highlight and ultimately gives the best emotional core of the story. I hope you will enjoy the series a lot more as you proceed with the upcoming season. Cheers!

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    • I pretty much caught up on everything even the movie. So I’m just sitting around waiting for S4 to happen. I will take my time to write season-by-season

      I’m glad that my post made your day.


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