WHY DO YOU HAVE TO END???: Summer 2018 Wrap Up

Hey hey hey, it is that time of the quarter again… Long post time.

I think this might be my best season of 2018 so far, and also the best Summer in a long time. I really like how they timed the shows so perfectly to fit the Summer theme, for example, Harukana Receive.

I will really miss this season. Listening to Harukana Receive’s ED for one last time gave me some serious feels.

OKAY STOP THAT SAPPY SHIT, let’s just hope for S2 for some of the shows.

Let’s get the ball rolling with…

Harukana Receive


Nah not really, I eat my main course first of course. But my love for this show made me wanna write this show first.

This show just sprinkled my face with lots of beach sand, I can feel the summer sea breeze, the salty air and humidity. There are certain flaws about the show for sure, but not too much of an issue.

It does seems that C2C was hitting some slight production issues by delaying the OP and ED for like 3 episodes. Narumi and Ayasa may be in another league of the volleyball spectrum, but I wish they could get featured more during the show, because they pretty much for sidelined pretty bad, despite having quite a bit of airtime during the first quarter of the anime.

But that aside, this show is nearly perfect representation of Summer Youth. The heat, the passion, the sweat, this show has them all. The character developments were pretty decent for the first half and the second half was just volleyball matches after volleyball matches to the point that the show felt like a lengthy shounen show. Character developments pretty much stopped after the 2nd half commences.

The final battle was just wow, they milked the battle sooo much that it lasted for 3 episodes. I have never seen such a lengthy battle with such low drama. I can tell they are trying hard to show some form of drama within the volleyball match, but I really can’t feel the passion that the show had on the first half.

The pacing is pretty slow, but it feels appropriate, a nice relaxing show for the summer.

C2C really did a great job producing this work. Keyframes were pretty damn fluid, the volleyball slow-mo pretty much proved their dedication to this show. Character designs were straight up splendid.

And that attention to detail is just… wew. Look at those lines, holy shit I’m turned on. Like which shows nowadays take so much time and effort to do these.

The voice cast were great. Really love the chemistry each pair had, they just worked well with one another. The ending is just a tease to make me crave for more. I am always down for a season 2, I need a Kanata vs Narumi showdown.

The OP and ED gave me a lot of feels for some reason, playing those songs every night soothes my insomnia, I will miss this show to bits. This one will get best OP and best ED of Summer. BGMs followed the Summer theme, so yeah, another plus for me.

I miss this show to the point I made wallpapers





Emily is best girl by the way.



Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria

This show hit rock bottom at the end. Like literally, a whole new level of low.

The start of the show gave near zero context about what was going on and then I found another waifu. I think I really love Suegara Rie-voiced characters, they all sound so soothing.

That aside, this show did show a lot of promise mid-season, it gave me some decent Utawarerumono vibes, but with a bit of unpleasant Isekai Smartphone feels. But with the ancient warring states setting, and the old school strategy and combat scenes, I was really in love of this show. It had pretty decent character developments. The harem for some reason didn’t really matter to me, because there is a decent amount of romance.

The character developments were pretty decent, even though the cast is on the slightly larger than average side. There wasn’t really much climax or plot twist or comedy, but this show was pretty okay to watch. But the ending is just straight up rushed and butchered. The pacing in this show is just slow, I should say too slow.

There was no context on how he got back into the fight against the invasion. So he brought his real life crush into the isekai to be his wife, what about the other girls? Did he won the war? Is he going to stay in that world forever?

It takes one part of the show to destroy the entire series, it’s just disappointing to watch and absolutely disgusted by this slipshod work. This show was a troll since the beginning.

OP felt very awkward, but ED was great though. BGMs were okay too.

The animations were pretty average, but it doesn’t make them look any better than how OLM did Utawarerumono 12 years back, which is disappointing. Even the pretty nice looking character designs didn’t redeem them.

The cast list on the other hand is pretty great. Suegara Rie is pretty much the reason why I kept watching the show.

For some reason I find Mitsuki a massive cockblocker and a little annoying. Maybe because I’m in the Felicia camp.



Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu

This show is potential AOTS despite the fanservice.

The story starts off pretty typical, but I feel like its constantly hiding something, so I played patient, and it was worth it.

By mid season, the show picked up a lot of momentum and buildup to throw in a decent climax. The unexpected betrayal and development really caught me off guard. Character developments of this show is actually nice, the harem is actually going somewhere. Pacing on this show is actually pretty fast, but it was still manageable.

Watched the uncensored version of the show really puzzled me, I really see no difference. It’s either I’m numb or it’s literally too subtle to really see the fanservice uncensored. This show has a pretty perfect blend of fanservice with semi-serious combat settings.

The music is also on the nice side. I love the OP but the ED was only okay. The ED sequence is straight up weird though, I cannot handle it. BGMs were fine.

Animations were on the decently done side. There isn’t really a lot of combat, but the magic combat is pretty well done.

The cast list is pretty nice too, long time no see Kato Emiri. Hara Yumi’s sinister voice is always a classic.

Season 2? Definitely need one, but the ending pretty much gave off a feel that we will never ever get to see it.



Island/Never Island (?)

I always knew Kuon is here for a reason, and I was right. I watched this show because Kawaguchi Keiichiro is directing. Another show suitable for the Summer.

This show had a lot of potential since the beginning, the comedy is very Keiichiro-style. The story was pretty much great on the first half until Never Island happened, throwing the pacing off the momentum that it had. Especially when you get near zero context of how did Never Island started, making things worse. I was pretty uninterested at this point, but I chose to persevere.

Then the massive plot twist came with Kuon being the real Rinne the whole time. I was never felt so good about predicting the plot. But the ending was sweet, the journey was a rough one. Pacing is rather slow, even though I can feel the condensation of the plot. Character developments is actually pretty decent, but all the developments were concentrated a little too much on Rinne, but that means they are adapting that route. It also serves as a distraction to make people think: “Rinne is going to have the happy ending.”

But no, Kuon did and it should pretty much catch a lot of people off guard.

Music is pretty decent, OPs were nice, EDs were decent. BGMs were also pretty nicely composed.

The cast is also a solid list for me, I love it. Tamura Yukarin is finally back.

But yeah, Kuon is best girl all along.



Ongaku Shoujo

This show was pretty decent overall. But it couldn’t relive the legacy back in 2015.

I will list my dissatisfaction on the show first.

  • I really don’t like how they COMPLETELY rewritten Haru’s personality to make room for Hanako being the MC. They could have kept her old personality back in 2015, but sideline her a little bit. Seriously, I was very pissed since the first episode.
  • Character design may have changed for the better but the inconsistency of the Deen still lives on.
  • Taishi (The Original Concept Creator for Ongaku Shoujo) had little to no involvement to the production. Ongaku Shoujo was meant to be something radically different from all the idol shows, but Deen keeps pulling it back to the generic track.
  • This show is concentrating WAYYYY too much on creating minor issues and petty conflicts than making ACTUAL music, it is just disheartening.

But the issues didn’t really stop me. I still love this show despite the pretty glaring flaws.

Feels Good to buy CDs again. Please don’t mind my face, I’m sleepy.

I even bought their CDs.

The minor conflicts and issues they created, started quite a lot of drama in the show and made it decently entertaining. The pacing is pretty slow, but the ride was entertaining. The music is still great, the remixes that Taishi made is just straight fire.

The animations from Deen is just, yeap, the meme will never die. The inconsistency is just killing the show slowly and painfully. The 3DCGI scenes are just so little, I really wish they could just stop using handdrawn techniques to do the concert scenes. Their first few episodes shown a lot of promise, because they have one of the best CGI in the business, something they beat Sunrise (Love Live) at.

The cast list is pretty great too, the original duo (Numakura Manami, Seto Asami) remains, with a whole bunch of other people. Fukagawa Seria is back, last seen from Glasslip, and she did a pretty good job. I am not sure if she is faking that bad singing voice or not, she sounded damn convincing.

I think Glasslip sort of murdered Seria’s career as a seiyuu. But now she is back, hopefully she can get more roles.

I would totally be down for a season 2, because this show felt very shallow overall. We need an S2. We definitely need an S2, Hanako must be integrated into Ongaku Shoujo someday.



Satsuriku no Tenshi

This show is kind of not done yet, so I will write a complete review after the last few eps finally airs.

But so far, loving this show.


Shichisei no Subaru

Welcome to the most unsatisfying anime ever created.

First ep, “Wow this show is going down a very decent route. SAO plus Anohana, I like this/”

5th ep, “Okay, this is getting nowhere.”

I have never felt such disgust on a show in a long time. Cockteasing your viewers with an impeding sad plot ended up to be nothing by the end of the series. Like seriously.

Story was incredibly condensed, not staying on the right track on finding how a dead person can still play a VR game. This show is just… no…

The greatest way to waste your time is to watch this show.

The animations is just average, not surprised. Very low budget show we have here.

The cast list is actually pretty decent, they voiced their roles nicely, but their lines are weird. Scriptwriter, what are you doing to the dialogues? Their chemistry of the characters is severely affected.

I watch this show for the sake of Nijino Yurika’s VA finally back to a new show, and gave it a try, but turned out extremely disappointed. Not going to drag this review any longer since all I have is criticism after criticism.



Sunohara-sou no Kanririn-san

As you can see from the blog layout and my Twitter, I’m in love with Ayaka, in fact any role voiced by Sato Rina with a housewife-ish role, she will definitely be in my waifu list.

I would say this will be my “Sit Back, Relax and Watch Some Anime” show, it’s chill, it’s laidback, there’s no frills or drama, just comedy, soothing caretaker and slice-of-life.

There is no goal to this story, just a guy living in a shared house with some subtle harem vibes. Being episodic is okay, and despite the episodic nature, there is still a sense of continuity and also the character developments are not affected by that storytelling. Pacing may be slow, but it’s doesn’t bog down the story’s energy.

Character designs are great and Silver Link is obviously holding back with the animation quality. Color are on the light side, which feels very heartwarming to just look at.

This show gave me a lot of Koufuku Graffiti flashbacks and I will need to rewatch that soon.

The OP is warm and fuzzy, the ending is pretty decent. BGMs very nice and calm, I listen to it just to sleep sometimes.

S2? Very unlikely, but I will welcome it with open arms if that ever happens. We need more of such shows, and I think there is none next season, I sad.



Grand Blue

This is just great.

I picked this show mid season because I only found out it was made by one of my favourite comedy directors, Takamatsu Shinji.

And I didn’t regret picking it up.

I guess this show helped made my Summer season feel a little more positive than it supposed to be.

The comedy is so old-school, reminding me of how funny anime was back in 2004 and older. The romance is subtle yet sweet. Sometimes I forget about this show being about diving.

I love the character designs, animations were pretty well done, a pretty nice representation of the ocean.

Music is great, with that questionable ED.

The voice cast is also another lit list. Anzai Chika’s voice for Chisa is probably one of the more perfectly matched voice in like ages. Everyone did their job nicely, and the chemistry of the cast is impeccable. I wish S2 is a thing, it really needs to be a thing.

In fact, we need more of such anime.



Hataraku Saibou

Probably the most educational show so far.

I wish this show gets extended because we do need a change of pace and learn more of our body. I WAS HOPING FOR A PIMPLE EPISODE HERE.

The story was great from the get-go and it maintained its momentum and pacing. Didn’t risk anything, in fact, they don’t even need to try and take a plunge. The source material is great already, no reason for them to try to do something radical. The slightly episodic nature of the story isn’t my cup of tea though, I wish there is more continuity.

Character designs looked like they literally they took it out from the manga, it’s great. Animations is pretty average, but yeah, such a show don’t need anything epic anyways.

Love the ED a lot, OP is very… cheery? BGMs were nice.

The cast list is pretty damn legit. I love it. And yeah, Platelets, damn.

Definitely need an S2, as a ex-medical personnel, I am kind of intrigued.



Yuragisou no Yuuna-san

The mansion of ultimate waifus. Chisaki, Yuuna and Sagiri were pretty much near the top of the list. Sagiri has one of the most perfect body proportions in quite a while, but if she was more feminine, she would have been the most perfect girl out there in 2018.

Xebec finally makes a fanservice-filled show a great one. I really wish for more, this show is actually pretty fun to watch. I really want an S2 so bad.

Yaya is pretty sidelined for the whole season, she does has her own arc, but her screentime is so minimal I do forget that she’s around.

The story is pretty much chill mode most of the time, it does have a climax but its too chill to feel the drama. The pacing is pretty quick for this kind of show, but feels refreshing. Character development isn’t really much but still decent enough to keep the story flowing.

This is probably one of the best character designs Xebec produced in awhile. Everyone looks so lovable. The animations were pretty great too. I was putting my expectations a little low, but I’m glad I did it. Now everything looks good to me.

Music is pretty okay, I liked the ED a lot more than the OP. BGMs were pretty simple.

The cast list is great too. The amount of comfortable voices in this show is just therapeutic.

I really want a season 2.



That is pretty much wraps up my Summer. This is a pretty memorable Summer. Anime of the season is definitely Harukana Receive. The setting really suited for Summer and I’m glad they timed it right. Yuragi-sou is a close second, it also had some form of Summer nature.

I think this will take awhile for me to sink in and accept reality that Summer is over. This will take time for me to move on into Fall. I am actually putting my expectations mostly on low for Fall.

I am not sure when I will be able to write my Fall first impressions, but I will make sure it goes up as soon as possible, because I will be writing those during the weekends.

So yeah, that’s it. I will take this down period of anime to finish up on my rewatches and write them. But one thing for sure, I won’t be writing everyday, I will write whenever I can since work is starting to bog me down.

So see you guys soon.


2 responses to “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO END???: Summer 2018 Wrap Up

  1. So many interesting titles in the summer season. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to watch many, but I really enjoyed the titles I watched.
    From the ones you listed, I watched Harukana Receive and Grand Blue, and Yuna-san is on my list to watch the Blu-ray version 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Everyone who writes about Cells at Work comments about how much they love the Platelets haha. Harukana Receive was an enjoyable show. Nice eye candy and likable characters. I agree that the three part finale didn’t match the drama of something like Haikyuu.

    Liked by 1 person

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