How Utawarerumono Got Me Into Historical Romance…

Well well, a little throw back to 2006 during the dawn of HD anime.

This show got me to watch a lot of historical or anime with some form of warfare. Like Samurai Deeper Kyo, Dog Days… etc etc.

I am watching Itsuwari no Kamen currently, so that will come in another post.

I did write a review previously a few years back, but this one will supersede that old post because I found a rereleased bluray which kind of cancelled off some of the things I don’t like about the show.

Story that feels fresh

Back in 2006, it was my first warfare-centric anime. I love how it shows a start of revolution, and eventually the constant quest to seek peace for a country.

The hint of romance of this show is also another unique point. It’s subtle, its very sweet. It’s not really concentrated on the romance, it makes room for other elements. The warfare, the battles, the blood, it just comes together.

There isn’t really a lot of plot twists, but there are a lot to look up to at every episode. After they started the revolution, the fighting never stops. The drama never ends.

There are a lot of moments that I feel very frustrated about the characters. Like Kuya, one of the weakest leaders out there, taking control of such a powerful nation, but she has either zero experience, or just spineless. But I guess it’s part of the experience.

The power balance of the nations is also weird. Like Kunnekamun with their Avu Kamuu, the Gundam-esque things. Beating those things is still possible, but just a whole lot more difficult. But yeah, power balance, just… extremely weird.

The character developments of the characters are pretty decent, I do find themselves concentrating on the constant warfare, the character development is pretty much sidelined and sometimes omitted.

Pacing on this show is pretty slow for its setting, it needs to be faster, but it has 2 cours, so they technically had the time to do the slow storytelling.

The climax wasn’t really the best, because I was expecting a whole lot more. It had pretty incredible buildup from there.

I like the ending. It’s a great wrap up, but I still want more.

The OVAs are a bunch of fanservice, but timeline-wise, they are not actually sequels, but in the middle of all the skirmishes during the main series. Still worth watching though.

The Animation Got Upscaled

I did complain a lot about this one. OLM was straight up cutting budgets and cutting corners. Lacking in color saturation, constant repeated frames during combat, inconsistent keyframes, and also it’s animated in 720p. But I’m glad to say, the rereleased version fixed MOST, not all, but MOST of the problems I raised.

The colors are definitely more vibrant, the entire show in 1080p looks incredibly crisp here. The keyframes repeating is still existent, but less prominent, I only find them doing that thrice this time round. The inconsistent keyframes are still there, but got a pretty large reduction in numbers. Combat scenes still looked rather lackluster, but it’s not a complete remaster, so I will cut this show some slack.

Oh yeah, they also added a lot of gore into the show, which made the story and consequences of warfare even more impactful.

The character designs is pretty on point towards the VN, which is good. I love them all.

The Music Was Great.

Suara’s OPs were just great. Musouka is probably the most timeless song i ever heard so far, Adamant Faith (OVA OP) is also another great one. Kimi ga Tame is great to listen if you can sleep. I really love the melodies of the songs, it just… fits in.

The BGMs were pretty well composed too.

Overall, just a timeless piece of art.

The Voice Cast Is Extremely Legit

It’s a huge list of accomplished seiyuus and it’s just great to see. Tanaka Atsuko is probably my favourite in the list. Her voice for Karura is extremely fitting. Yuzuki Ryoka’s voice for Eruru is nice to listen too, I wish she can voice more of such roles.

The cast had very good chemistry with one another, they keep the dialogue smooth.


Story: 8/10

Art: 7/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 9/10

I’m giving only a 7 for the animations, because they didn’t exactly fixed all the issues that were plaguing the previous release, which is kind of illogical for them.

Highly recommended, if you can bear with the wonky animations. The story is just ageless, even after 12 years, rewatching it still feels fresh, because there is not much anime out there that can even surpass this one in terms of warring states animes.

Like Mai-Otome, no other show has surpassed Mai-Otome in terms of female heroine shows.

So that’s it for me today. More rewatches are coming in the backlogs, but I think the next post will probably be the EXTREMELY lengthy Summer Wrap Up. I think it will be my longest post to-date, so stay tuned to that, it’s coming on Sunday.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, work has been crashing and burning, and hectic, I didn’t really have time for myself even. Hopefully next week will be better, but no guarantees.

Just a little reminder that because MAL had way too many issues for the past few months, I have switched to Anilist. If you wanna follow, click here!

2 responses to “How Utawarerumono Got Me Into Historical Romance…

  1. The power balance of the nations is also weird. Like Kunnekamun with their Avu Kamuu, the Gundam-esque things.

    The anime actually cut out a bit and rushed through this particular plot arc compared to the game, so it’s a little hard to follow, which is a shame because it’s the best arc before the ending.

    (spoilers to follow)

    Basically, there was another country that was conquering all of its neighbors and invaded Kunnekamun, who, at the time, wasn’t particularly strong in terms of military might; Genjimaru made a deal with Dii (Uitsualnemetia) to gain the Abh Kamuh in exchange for pleding the loyalty of him and his ruler to them. The Abh Kamuh can actually only be piloted by the Sakukopor clan because they’re genetically the closest to being human (and thus much weaker physically than all of the other clans). The Abh Kamuh will make another apperance in Futari no Hakuoro…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thats why I felt that the pacing a little too slow, they could have hasten a little more so they can lengthen the arc better. I felt that the downfall a little too rushed.


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