This Is A Year Late: Unique Blogger Award

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Hi, and I’m not kidding, this is over a year late.

Apparently, I just found out that Infinite Zenith had nominated me a year back, but he/she put the nomination into his/her about page on his/her blog, causing me to not to receive the ping notification. I found out after someone was referred to my site from that blog post. But better late than never, let’s get to it

  1. Suppose you were offered a dream vacation to any destination in the world. Where would you go, and what factors generally drive where you decide you’d wish to go for vacations?
    I have many places I wanna go. Canada, US, Deutschland, Nippon… But I think I will go Deustchland first to get wasted, yeap, sole purpose is alcohol.
    I love to travel as a way to escape from reality. A way to find peace and probably delete some memories.
  2. The world is a remarkably cold and unfriendly place. What is a belief or idea that you hold that allows you to get out of bed each morning and face the world as best as you can?
    I do it for the sake of it. I really don’t expect anything in life.
  3. What was one anime that you’ve watched that left a non-trivial impact on your life, whether it be the way you interact with people, approach a problem or view the world?
    Nagi no Asukara, hands down. It’s the first show that blew me away with how much I relate to it. I went back into the dark side for a few months due to it. After that, more and more shows popped up with relatable storyline, causing more breakdowns and depressions. So yeah, anime changed my life real bad.

I think I will tag eumiboo since she’s a new blogger and I doubt she got this nomination.

So, eumi, your questions are…

  1. What made you start blogging?
  2. What’s your life plan for the next 10 years?
  3. How did anime change your perspective in life?

Kind of simple questions. So have fun, eumi

That’s it for me, sorry this post was rather short. I didn’t have much time to write this one because I have to help out my family install a TV and a soundbar, so yeap, the techie guy to the rescue.

I will see you guys in the next post!

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