I’m A Simple Man With A Simple Dream: My Girlfriend is a Cyborg / Cyborg She

This can be my wallpaper for ages.

Hi all. Yeah, we going back to 2008.

Time flies this movie is 10 years old now. I actually had a little bit of history with this movie.

I only first watched it in 2009, I was only 14 back then. I didn’t really understand the romance of the movie back then so I told myself to watch it 5 years later.

2014, I’m 19 and I watched it again. I was instantly mesmerized by the story. I kind of picture myself buying gifts for myself, and eating ramen alone on my own birthday.

2018, watching it again and the magic of the story didn’t fade at all. I enjoyed every single second of the 2hrs I spent watching the movie.

The movie lasts for exactly 2hrs but I wished it can last a little longer. Maybe 2.5hrs? That might be too long for many people, but I will appreciate that runtime.


This is a magical show. This is the movie that kind of made time traveling romance mainstream and also the reason why I will always watch any time traveling media, I’m always excited what kind of magic they will bring.

The story starts off pretty simple and humble. But the sweetness of romance has already started right off the bat, the awkwardness between the couple is just cute and heartwarming to watch. The comedy this movie brings is very subtle but very effectively done. You pretty much laugh for no apparent reason.

One year later, the cyborg comes into the story and things got even more awkward. The pacing for the movie overall was a bit slow, but at a comfortable pace. Character development is vital in this movie and I’m glad to say they didn’t screw it up at all. I really like how they kept the cast to a minimum so the story can concentrate on the protagonist without being sidetracked.

The climax was pretty dramatic, or maybe over dramatic. But I guess the dramatization of the climax is key to tell a compelling story. The buildup was kind of short, but the climax was so “in your face” that the buildup is actually not needed at all. I like it, one of the most touching climaxes I have watched in a long time.

The ending was lengthy, but provides a pretty decent wrap up, when I first saw it, I didn’t really expect that ending, and it was a pretty sweet ending. I am still pretty into it even after so many years. I love it, this movie will last for a long time for me.

Cast and Character Portrayal

You look electrifying today.

Casting Koide Keisuke made this movie had probably one of the most perfect looking main character for a long time.

Average height, normal looking, klutzy behaviour, it’s just wonderful, he has everything in the list.

Ayase Haruka did her Terminator-esque role pretty nicely, there are times where she showed too much emotions early in the movie, but I’m just nitpicking.

The rest of the cast do feel like cameos as the movie concentrates heavily on the 2 of them. It’s nice to make the movie less confusing, and make the main characters get all the spotlight they need to do the developments.

The rest of the cast did their share of bringing comedy into the movie.

Nothing much to complain, things are great here.



The OST is pretty nicely done. Not much music composition involved as nearly half of the movie pretty much had no music. They suited the ambience to whichever situation.



Story: 8/10

Character portrayal: 9/10

Music: 8/10

Cast: 9/10

Highly recommended. The zero cheese, zero bullshit romance is just great, straightforward. This will be a longlasting movie to watch, watching it so many times already, but I haven’t got sick of it yet. Kwak Jae Yong is a brilliant romance director.

That’s it for me on that decade-old throwback, now if you excuse me.


I’m going to watch it again.

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