Brotherhood of the World Award

It’s been awhile since I do these posts. So yay, let’s get this one rolling.

A big thanks to eumiiboo for the tag. She’s a new blogger so do check her out!


  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. (Which I did.)
  • Answer the questions sent to you. (Which I’m going to do right now.)
  • Nominate around 10 bloggers. (Okay, maybe not 10.)
  • Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules. (First part hard, second part done.)

So here are my questions…

  1. I’m in a search for a horror or psychological anime, is there any that you can recommend me?
    Mirai Nikki, Another, Blood+, Blood-C, Elfen Lied, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Corpse Party.
  2. What’s an underrated anime character that you actually like?
    I will pick three for this one since it’s impossible for me to write only just one.
    Natsuki Kruger (Mai Otome)A headmistress with a pretty cute side I should say. I would love to cuddle her, but too bad she’s a lesbian. Oops.
    Nijino Yurika (Rokujouma no Shinryakusha)A mahou shoujo with a density of a rock. Pfft.
    Yamai Yuzuru (Date A Live)I would say I love the way she speaks. Her lack of facial expression attracts me too. Idk, it’s just me having a thing with kuuderes. They seem mysterious and tempted to make me wanna expose them more.
  3. What anime character of your opposite gender do you think personifies you?
    Touma Kazusa (White Album 2)For those who wanna know why, click here.
  4. By far, what’s your favorite Meme, and why?
    The anime pregnancy test meme0BA.png
    Don’t really know why, but this thing gave quite a good laugh for me when it was still a thing.

So yeap, all 4 questions done. Now to nominate some people.

That’s all the people I could think of from the back of my brain. And the hardest part. 4 questions…


  • What position do you sleep? Fetal? On your back? On your stomach?
  • Are bedtime stories effective to make people go to sleep?
  • Longest ever flight?
  • Best snacks for anime/drama/movie marathons?

That’s it from me today. The questions gave me quite a bit of time to answer. Especially the underrated character one, its hard to pick.

So yeah, more posts tomorrow… I think.

14 responses to “Brotherhood of the World Award

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  2. Congratulations on the award: and welcome to the Brotherhood. Or Sisterhood..or..well you understand lol 😂😂 You made a great post for this one, enjoyed reading it 😊😊

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