How Did Canvas 2 Defined My Childhood And How I Relate To Such A Show

Hey hey. Another reflection post today.

I am hitting up a lot of old school VN-turned-anime shows recently so I will probably be writing a few more reviews for the next few days.

Next week is on the rather hectic side, so I might not even write at all until the weekends. We’ll see.

But this is not the main point of this post. Today I’m writing about Canvas 2 again, but more on the serious aspect of things.

I watched it back in 2005, I was 10 back then. How funny, right? But this is one of the shows that made me side towards romance.

During writing of that review, I was rewatching the show. There are a lot of moments where I feel like “Ah, I lost that side of me…” and start feeling emotions that I felt I lost ages ago.

As a kid, I was rather oblivious about the romance aspect of the show for like the first half, but eventually the story got me to love the story and also I started to take notes about the romantic aspect of the story during the 2nd half.

Back in 2005, I was siding Kiri, because I find them to be a pretty matching couple. But now, I side Elis. The weird thing is, I still personally find the ending rather illogical.


And now, a little bit of reality. How this show really hit close to home…

EP 3


This one got me a little hard. Because I used to play the piano, for like 3-4 years when I was still a kid. But recently an old friend of mine asked me about it, I told him I stopped for many years. Instead I took the time to do a part-time job that involves kids.

This one hits me pretty hard, because I did regret quitting the piano.

EP 13

This one really hit me hard. Or probably too hard.


I had a project work to do in school, and we had to do it solo. But me and my friend chose to do it together instead. Screenshot_20180825-135132.png

We sacrificed quite a bit of weekends doing it, all the way till submission and then guess what.


He stole my report. He took the file from my laptop while I was going to the toilet. Screenshot_20180825-135151.png

Since he used my report and submitted already. I found out after our lecturer showed us a sample of the report to the other students who haven’t submitted yet, to help them if they have any difficulties in submitting it. Well, after that I gave up on the project even though it will cost my grades very significantly.

And the report he stole from me got him an A.Screenshot_20180825-135240.png

I did turn up for graduation, because it’s compulsory, but I skipped the prom night. Even after calls and calls from them to come. Screenshot_20180825-135348.png

This is me in the aftermath. I eventually stopped trusting people.

There have been calls for reunion gatherings, but I skipped them all. I never saw them ever since. Even if I bump into them in the streets, I will just ignore or act like I don’t know them.

So yeah, moral of the story? Life sucks no matter you like it or not.

That’s pretty much how it is for this show for me. I guess this show is pretty underrated to a certain extent. I really love Nazuka Kaori’s voice from this era before she moved on to voicing more stronger women.

The next VN anime I’m watching now is Shuffle! and I probably can push out a proper review by the end of next week.




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