A Little Bit of Self-Reflection: Shikioriori

Hello, and yeap, more personal posts today. This one I will cover how I reflect my past with Shikioriori.

I actually have two stories I reflected to. Shanghai Koi and Sunny Breakfast, but I’m going to only write one, which is Sunny Breakfast, because I find writing Shanghai Koi’s reflection a little too personal, and a bit too painful for me to write, so I will be skipping that one.

For those who are interested into reading the review, click here!

So yeah, let’s get the post started already.


So, I have this favourite food called Bak Kut Teh that I loved since childhood. (Pork Rib Tea. I’m not kidding, that’s what it literally meant in Hokkien dialect. Technically its Pork Rib Soup.)

There are 3 versions of the soup: Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew.

I have always loved Hokkien style due to the herbs they add and the stronger flavor they have. But the thing is, I can only get to eat that in Malaysia, Singapore’s version is mainly on the Teochew side which is only pepper and garlic, so it tastes pretty generic.

So everytime I go to Malaysia, first thing is Bak Kut Teh. But as the time flows, so does the flavor and serving.

Serving has shrunken over the years, the flavor also got affected due to rising costs and inflation. There are certain places that still serve great soup, but those are far away from the border and also have to be at the restaurant in the morning. Like 6-7am morning.

But compared with Singapore/Teochew style, which wasn’t really affected by the changing taste for the past decade, Hokkien style still reigned supreme to me.

I may have moved on to loving ramen more and more, but I will still never forget how great the soup tasted, no matter how Tonkotsu soup-based ramen keeps getting to me.


Which is why I said this movie really reflects East Asian culture a lot, because with many people who moved from the countryside to the city, things like these happen, when a person have a favorite dish back from their hometown, and they have to eat the urban versions of the same dish, it just doesn’t taste or look the same.

My parents are from the countryside, and they keep talking about the food they used to eat when they were kids, so they will definitely can relate to this movie if I were to show them.

I’m sorry that I really cannot share how I relate to Shanghai Koi, I find it a little too sensitive for me to share something I pretty much buried a long time ago.


So yeah, this is a rather short reflection post, but if I were to share the Shanghai Koi one, it will be like 20x longer. That’s it from me, more posts are in the works, and probably be more live-action ones, since i got the drive to watch live-action movies nowadays.



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