Revive Revival: Erased (Anime and Live-Action)

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Hey all, time for another long post. I will be comparing both the anime and the live action into one post.

Manga origin. 8 volumes in 4 years, with a sequel manga lasted for 3 months in 2016. Anime aired for 12 eps. Live action ran for 120mins.


The anime pretty much condensed the manga into 12 eps. I had doubts about this show because Ito Tomohiko, who did SAO, was directing. The concept and setting felt generic at first, but in about 2-3 eps, things accelerated and starts to throw me off my seat. The pacing is both fast and slow, depending on situation. The character development are very vast and wide. The climax was great. The ending felt very inconclusive. Overall, its a great show, a gem hard to find nowadays, but because of the 12ep count, pacing has been pretty unstable so it became so condensed that it sometimes lack in depth.

Animations by A-1. Character designs were decent, quality is average. Quality isn’t really needed in this show so its fine. Colors are more on the bland side to give off a 1980s feel.

Music is great. OP was a blast from the past, ED was nice. Kajiura Yuki doing the BGMs, hell yeah.

VAs is a pretty nice list. Mitsushima Shinnosuke, Yuki Aoi, Takayama Minami, Yoshida Asami, Okamura Akemi, Takahashi Hiroko, Akasaki Chinatsu, Nakane Kumiko, Kikuchi Yukitoshi, Uyama Reika, Hamada Kenji, Taichi You, Kaneko Sayaka, Nanase Ayaka, Okawa Tooru, Mizushima Takahiro, Tamaru Atsushi. The cast list is great, but Shinnosuke’s first debut role made Satoru sound like a dead zombie at the mic.

Live-action Movie

The movie was decent, but the anime is still better. The story tried to stay loyal to the manga and anime but some elements changed or have to be changed. The condensation is a lot more now because there is only 2 hours, but some moments were great with live action. Even though the story got a lot more packed, but it has more depth than the anime. Climax was more intense and the ending was quite… erm… weird? Overall, the 2 hrs felt a lot more longer than it supposed to be. The depth was great, it felt pretty immersive, but the ending was a little be illogical, I can tell that they tried to bring up feels, but kind of backfired badly as it became kind of illogical. Could have been better.

Music is decent, BGMs were not as good as Kajiura Yuki’s but still decent.

The cast list is pretty great. Fujiwara Tatsuya, Nakagawa Tsubasa, Arimura Kasumi, Suzuki Rio, Mori Kanna, Hayashi Kento, Fukushi Seiji, Ishida Yuriko. The character portrayals were great, Tatsuya fitted into his Satoru so nicely that I literally thanked god Shinnosuke didn’t portray Satoru because he is an actor too. Kasumi is a whole lot more cheerful and cute than the Airi in the anime voiced by Akasaki Chinatsu. Ishida Yuriko portrayed nice too, the cute Satoru’s mother.

Score: Anime

Story: 8/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 8.5/10

VAs: 9/10

Score: Live action

Story: 7.5/10

Character Portrayal: 8/10

Music: 8/10

Cast: 9/10

Highly recommended to watch the anime, but at your own risk with the live-action. Personally, I love both, but more on the anime, some people hate the live-action for its ending, so its entirely out of you.

One response to “Revive Revival: Erased (Anime and Live-Action)

  1. I loved the Erased anime series, but I honestly did not even know that there was a live action adaptation for it as well. The cast looks pretty impressive, maybe I will check this one out at some point in the future. Most live action adaptations are usually a bit of a hit or miss kind of thing, with very little left in between. Great post! 😊

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