Distance. Love. Online.: Chapter 20

While walking her home, I talked to her about other things to distract her from her rejection. Talking to her made time pass by so quick that we eventually reached her home.

Before I leave, she then told me that the reason why she confessed to another guy is to get my attention. I asked her why she did that, she didn’t answer me and went into her home. I didn’t stay around and left her home.

The next day, she tried to act like she’s very close to me, people asked if we were dating and of course, I said no. Her advances just keeps on coming and slowly I was losing my mind each day.

Then one day, she was being very clingy towards me, hooking my arms while we were going to the cafeteria for lunch. She was pushing her chest towards my arm and I don’t know what got over me, I snapped at her.

I can’t remember what I said to her, but when I finally come to my senses, her face was in utter shock. She let go of my arm and I ran away.

I sat in the rooftop, sitting alone in a corner, didn’t eat anything.

When I got back to class, my classmates were all staring at me, I went to my seat and quietly sat down.

School finally ended, I swiftly took my bag and left the classroom. One of my friends stopped me and ask if I want to eat dinner with them, I rejected their invite, thinking about what happened in the afternoon.

I went home, crying in the bathroom and didn’t sleep that night too.

The next day, the rumor had spread about me and that girl. I didn’t react to the rumors, but went on with my day. I slowly distanced myself from the clique and eventually, I lost all my friends in school. That was when I started to play more video games.

Video games eventually became my escape from reality. I then made a lot of friends online, met a few in real life.

And so here we are… in the present.


Takeya: “I really don’t have the ability to be romantically involved. If I could, I would have dated you ages ago…”

Usagi: “I see… I’m sorry…. for being kind of forceful…”

Takeya: “It’s fine. But at least you understand my predicament.”


Asami: “I guess you are pretty much the same?”

Yuji: “Not really, but I feel him.”

Asami: “If let’s say I confess to you, will you still date me?”

Yuji: “Probably not…”

Asami: “Why?”

Yuji: “Relationships with me will never work out.”

Asami: “Who knows? You have to give yourself a chance.”

Yuji: “I rather not take any chances, hurting myself twice is more than enough…”

Asami: “Twice?”

Yuji: “I went through 2 relationships, both crashed and burned.”

Asami: “I see…”


Then the couple stood up, and left the restaurant, and we followed. They went to the arcade, they played shooting, racing games. They even played the crane, and Takeya got a plushie for her.

Usagi suggested they go to the photo booth, Takeya resisted for a bit before eventually giving in and entered the photo booth.

Yuji: “I guess it was your idea.”

Asami: “Well…”

Yuji: “Hmm…”


They then left the arcade went to the cinema.

Asami: “They are watching a 2hour movie, let’s grab a bite while waiting for them to finish their movie and also we didn’t eat at all at the restaurant.”

Yuji: “Sure.”

Asami: “What do you want to eat?”

Yuji: “Up to you.”

Asami: “Okay then, follow me.”

We went to a cafe, sat down, ordered food.

Asami: “So… Let’s talk about you now.”

Yuji: “What?”

Asami: “About you.”

Yuji: “What about me?”

Asami: “Dating and stuff.”

Yuji: “Erm… okay?” and I sipped my tea.

Asami: “I like you.”

I spat the tea out.

Yuji: “Huh?”

Asami: “You heard me…”

Yuji: “I… don’t think I want to date… for now at least…”

Asami: “Even after so long?”

Yuji: “Huh?”

Asami: “I’m sorry for hiding this from you, but I’m… Elfa.”

Yuji: “Eh? Who?”

Asami: “Oh yeah, you don’t remember… You joined Knights of The Blood after your girlfriend died, I made you join the guild…”

Yuji: “Oh… So you are the key to me remembering how I survived SAO?”

Asami: “I guess. I liked you back then and I tried to approach you, but I made you hate me for a period of time… You were still mourning your girlfriend’s death.”

Yuji: “I can picture myself going through that.”

Asami: “I was thinking, after being apart for quite awhile, and you also visited your girlfriend’s grave, you might have found closure.”

Yuji: “I may have found closure, but… I really don’t think I’m suitable to be in a relationship anymore. SAO screwed my life all over, I will never get over the fact that my girlfriend died in front of me.”

Asami: “I see… Sorry that I asked, just treat it as I didn’t ask…”

Yuji: “Maybe we can celebrate Christmas together…”

Asami: “Eh?”

Yuji: “I’m willing to try…”

Asami: “Really?!” and her eyes literally glowed up.

Yuji: “Yeah…”

Asami: “Thank you…” and she started to tear up.

Yuji: “Woah woah, you are going to make people misunderstand here…”

Asami: “I’m sorry… I have been waiting for so long… You didn’t know how happy I was when I met you and how disappointed I was when I realize that you lost your memories…”

We finished up on our food and left the restaurant.

Asami: “Let’s meet up with the couple. Then we decide what to do… It’s only afternoon so I was thinking that we go to the amusement park till night time, then grab dinner together.”

Yuji: “Eh? No more stalking?”

Asami: “Yeah, we meet up.”

Yuji: “Amusement parks… it’s been awhile since I went there…”

Asami: “Looks like you are going to be the one who will enjoy the most.

We started walking towards the cinema, then suddenly…

“Eh? Yuji…-kun?”

I turned around and…

“Ha… Harumi?”






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